Capstone Project and Conference

For the Capstone Project, Grade 8 students engaged with the local community in a meaningful way through three lenses: economic, environmental, and social. With guidance, they independently inquired into a specific area, identifying an area of need relevant to the local community. Students created two primary products that reflected their investigation and understanding of the issue. When they completed the guided inquiry phase of the project, they wrote an argumentative rationale based on their research findings. The purpose of the document is to justify why action is needed. They then joined with other students with a similar topic or theme to lead a workshop for the Capstone Conference to an audience of their peers. The workshops focused on the students creating a powerful story around their issues to educate others, build empathy and inspire others to act. 

A team of student leaders also did a number of behind the scenes jobs including building a conference website, designing the logo, leading sign up process for attendees, MCing the Keynote speaker session and more!

To find out more, please check out the conference website which includes the workshop descriptions and videos from the event.

Read more in the ISB News Article.

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