Project Consume

During this unit, we learned about the stages of products and consumption of products. Our driving question was “Are sustainable choices important?”. The main goal of the project is to explore the packaging of our product we chose through each stage (extraction, production, distribution, consumption, disposal) and analyze the impact on the three lenses of sustainability (environmental, equity, economy). The product packaging we had to choose must contain some sort of plastic. I chose a bottle used for bottled chewing gum. To summarize what we learned, we had to write a narrative about our product packaging and create a documentary.

What I learned from this project was to make sustainable choices. Make the right choices and we can survive. I learned what the use of plastic can do to our society. I learned how to look through the lens of the economy, the environment, and social justice.




During this project, we had to research about our product. Mine was Cheetos. For humanities, We learned about the three sustainability pillars. Equity, Environment, and Economy, and research about how our plastic is made, and many more questions to benefit our final narrative. For science, we learned about the periodic table, the different chemical formulas, and also researched another may of making our plastic. The final task we had to do was make a short documentary about the life of your plastic bad. Through this project, I learned many new things that I would never have known. This is a short video of “The Life of Chi Chi”

My Life As: A Post-it:Project Consume

This project focuses on how much plastic we consume, and how we are literally trashing the earth. we also learn how we can reduce waste and how we can see through the world using the three lenses of sustainability. along the way, we learn about the chemical composition of materials and chemistry to remake our chosen products packaging. we also revisit the art of creating narratives, doing improvise drama and learning how to do physical theater while maintain the focus through a first-person view of an object.

The overall product of this project is below.



Huck Project Consume

I learned a whole lot from this unit. I learned how to better myself as a person from the choices I make. We talked a lot about the 3 lenses of sustainability; those being equity, economy, and environment. My final film is a reflection of what I learned from the point of view of a popcorn packaging, and the process it goes through from production to its final impact.



Final Video for Project Consume

For this unit, I created many different pieces. I created 3 Narrative and a video. This project was fun but hard too. Make sure if you are in FA next year then you should spend your time wisely. This was a reflection that I wrote on the driving question: Sustainable choices are important because if we don’t make sustainable choices then we will all die. We need to make sustainable choices now before it’s to late. By too late I mean if we don’t do something then the Earth will die. Let our kids enjoy this world as we did. Don’t use plastic packaging use packaging that will decompose fast and that can be recycled. This is why sustainable choices are important and we should start making sustainable choices now before it’s too late.

The Life of Plastic Packaging

Throughout the project, we learned about the importance of sustainability and the results of  our use of plastic. We traced a product’s plastic packaging to see what happens during the lifetime of the plastic, including how it was made and the impacts on the world. The following video is about my product, a pack of Tim Tams. Hope you enjoy!

My Past, but the World’s Future

In this project, we were tasked to find out the cycle of a packaging. I surfed the internet and discovered what happened during every single process. Processes as in extraction, production, distribution, consumption, disposal, and finally impact. We found different problems that showed us the issues in the process of the entire project. Our driving question is “Are Sustainable Choices Important.” I said yes because we need to make sure we have a good environment to live in and not a harmed damaged world.

I Wish I was Made to Die

Driving question: Are sustainable choices important?

During this Project, I learned that sustainable choices are important. This is important because when something that is not sustainable it could affect the world in many different ways like killing animals. This could affect things that you don’t see like peoples health and sea animals eating the plastic because plastic can’t decomposes anytime soon the animals think they are full and die of starvation.

Through a Different Lens

Project Consume not only consumed my time, but it tested my focus, and ability to manage my time wisely. To be completely honest, I did not think ahead at the start of the project, and I had gathered quite a lot of information that I had no use for, which lead to a lot of stress during the middle to the end of the project, when I realized I was missing crucial pieces of information. Overall, I really enjoyed this project, as it opened my eyes, and helped me realize the negative impacts on the environment, our lives, along with others, throughout the entire process of the creation and disposal of plastic products.

Project Consume Daniel Koo – Corrupted –

In this project, Project Consume, we were challenged with the driving question, “Are sustainable choices important?” We chose products of companies to dig through and investigate. Throughout the project, we learnt about the three lenses of sustainability, Environment, Equity and Economy, and had to evaluate companies’ choices and way of manufacturing their packagings. In the process, we had to find out what type of plastic our packaging was made of, and how long it took for it to decompose. We looked at the whole enchilada, evaluating the system in the extraction of the petroleum, the manufacture, the production, distribution, consumption and finally, disposal. We had to write a narrative in the perspective of our packaging, personifying the material, and telling its story from start to end. In the end, we made a video, to show the life cycle of our packaging.

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