Life of Ferrero Rocher

“Where am I?” “What are those huge shiny monsters?” “Why are there tons of chocolates with exactly the same face as me?” “Where am I going?” I have dark brown skin with lots of nuts. That information told readers that I am one of the Ferrero Rocher, which is famous chocolate brand. While I was asking these questions, the huge shiny monsters gave me some clothes: a gold-foil wrapper and a brown baking cup. I liked the shiny gold covering, but I didn’t like the brown baking cup, because it stopped me from rolling around the huge shiny monsters’ house.

The huge shiny monsters’ house was so humongous that I couldn’t see from one end to the other end of the house. Also, the light coming through the big doors didn’t make their house bright enough, so they had to use extra light, which was in straight lines and made their own white light. The house had a similar smell as I did. However, I wanted to smell the fresh air from outside; but even with the windows and doors opened, the smell of the house stayed the same as before. There was no difference between opening the doors and windows and keeping them closed. The huge shiny monsters made weird sounds: whrr-tschzz. Also, I was surprised and relieved about the fact that the monsters helped me to wear new clothes instead of killing me.

After putting on my new clothes, I was moved to the transparent creature. It made me hang out with all the other same chocolates. As I thought before, I wasn’t in the mood to talk with the other chocolates; however, I didn’t want to be alone. Being alone is not good all the time; therefore, I determined to talk to the other chocolates. When I was going to talk to the others, the whole box was flying in the air by the snowmen. The snowmen were much smaller than the huge shiny monsters, which were at the start of the story. The snowmen had two small chocolates, one long white carrot, and the pink whole.

At the place where our box was moved to, there were lots of chocolates which were similar to me inside their own boxes. Also, there were many different types of chocolates. They were so small but they looked much prettier than me because of their rainbow colors. Some had a white ‘M’ tattoo on their faces. There were between 52 and 57 small tattooed chocolates per packages. I was a little bit scared when I first saw the new types of chocolates, because I didn’t even talk to the chocolates who were in same boxes as me, and tons of new chocolates were coming. I felt so lonely when the other chocolates were talking each other and had some fun.

I had nothing to do except look at the places that I was in right at that time. The places were not that big as the monsters’ house; however, it was big enough for tons of chocolates. This box was so uncomfortable because there were chocolates just above me and under me. Also, I couldn’t see any light because of the other chocolates who were just above me. I was scared that the transparent would break and all the other chocolates would fall down on me.

When I was thinking about the big box, container, I suddenly felt that I was flying in the sky. The flying felt so weird and scared like when the roller coaster drops down from the high place. Lots of chocolates shouted: ahhhhhhhhhh! I tried not to shout out because I wanted to look cool. Then we fell down with really loud bomb sound and we all jumped up and down. So our buttocks hurt a lot. Therefore, I shouted out a quiet sign: “ah!”

After riding a roller coaster at the box, the other began to talk about the roller coaster that they just rode. I really wanted to talk to the other chocolates. So I gave a try and said, “hello”. But nobody listened to my greeting because of the loud talking from the other chocolates. I really wanted to give up to talk to the others. Also, I tried to think that being alone is not that bad and there are lots of positive effects when I am alone. In the other hand, I really wanted to try to talk to the other chocolates again. There was emotional entanglement.

I gave up my pride and said, “hello” a bit louder. Then few chocolates stared at me like I am a piece of waste. Then they just ignored me. I didn’t know what to do at that time. I wished I could just slip through a crack in the wall and disappear. Therefore, I gave up talking to them. I listened to the conversation between the other chocolates. I just laugh quietly alone when they talked about fun stuff. When I laughed a bit loud sometimes, then they stared at me again. I decided to not to listen to them. I tried to sleep because the sleeping is the best thing when you are alone and nothing to do.

When I was sleeping, I dreamed about I am the leader of the talking between the other chocolates. Also, the other chocolates love me so much that they are fighting each other to talk more to me. They watched me as gold instead of the waste. Also, when I started to talk, then all of the chocolates became so quite to listen to me well like when clergymen began to talk in church.

There was really big noise that interrupted my wonderful dream. The noise is from the snowman monsters. I could understand monsters’ language, even I didn’t learn it before. We got out from the big boxes and then we were moved to another big box. I thought there were lots of different type of chocolates as before; however, there were brown big and small boxes all around the space. So I didn’t know who are they and how they look like.

I looked at the other chocolates, who were in the same box as me, and they stared at me. However, it changed a color. They were much nicer than before, I decided to say something to them. I said “hi”, but they didn’t respond anything to me. I was so depressed because I thought they will respond back to me, but they just stared me again with nicer face. I asked myself, “Why they were not responding to me?”, “Is there any problem to me?”, “What’s wrong with them?”, and “Do I have to live with those chocolates?”.

I knew that the sleep is the best medicine for me right now, but I couldn’t sleep again because I slept for a week. The other things that you can do when you are alone being watching the outside, but I couldn’t. There were no windows in any of the containers. I didn’t want the other chocolates to think that I want to be part of them because I have to look cool to them. Therefore, I pretended as I am sleeping right now.

Then another chocolate, who were not talking with the team of chocolates, talked to me. I was so happy that I couldn’t talk properly. Then I said “hi!” back in high tone. I really wanted to talk more to the other, but I didn’t know what to say. Therefore, the talking between that chocolate and me ended. That time I thought I was so dumb. After a silence, we were moved to the really humongous and charming big container. There were lots of snowmen that I saw before. However, they looked different.

The snowman that I saw before had yellow strings, green circle, and the big carrot. However, this snowman had black strings, black circle, and a small carrot. The other part of snowmen looked really similar except the highest circle of the snowmen. Also, the other differences between them were speaking another language. I could understand the language of the green circle snowmen; however, I couldn’t understand black circles’.

Then we were placed into white long houses, which had lots of layers. After a few minutes, the black hair snowman’ took us. We were moving to another place. I was so annoying about the movements by the big snowmen and the new places that we were going to arrive. I believed that we were going to another big snowman’s house.

This snowman’s house wasn’t that big as the first shiny humongous monsters’ house. However, it was still huge to us. The snowman opened the transparent box for us. I thought I could breathe fresh air, but the color of the sky was gray and the air was stuffy. Then a small cute snowman came to us and took one of the chocolates. Thankfully, it wasn’t me. Then the small snowman ate one of us. Then he picked another chocolate and ate it. He didn’t stop it until just three of us late. When I saw that the small cute snowman stopped eating us, I felt relieved.

Then the big snowman came to us and took another chocolate. I was so terrified that I would be eaten by the snowman. Then the snowman closed the transparent box. That time I just knew that the transparent box was that important to us. The other chocolate and I were just left together. I talked to the other chocolate. “What do we have to do? When are we going to die? Can we live instead of eating by horrible snowman?” Then the other chocolates replied, “I don’t know anything. Stop asking me questions. I gave up on my life.”

Then the transparent box opened again. That time I wished that the snowman should eat the other chocolates first instead of me. Unfortunately, the snowman took me. I asked my last questions on me, which was “Why do I have to move all around the world and end my life so tragic?”