Print Making of The Superheroes

The Journey of Pringles


It was winter, I woke up and I was with a lot of my friends and family on the shelves. We were at somewhere called “Walmart” where others like me that are shaped different live, until I got separated by something gigantic but warm. I didn’t yell for help or anything because it was soft, warm and so comfortable. Then I felt like being at home, where I belong. Every day he puts parts of me in his mouth he made a crunchy sound. Until one day I had nothing to give. So he didn’t want me anymore because I fulfilled his want and then I had no purpose to him anymore, so he put me on a truck where it was dark and smelly and it took me to where all us end up.

The next day, I was at my new home, reunited with all my friends and family. I was happy but there was just one thing I couldn’t fulfill, it just felt like something is taken away from me. So then I escaped to try and search for my owner. I rolled night and days for months but I didn’t find him.

I woke up somewhere, floating in the water. Then I went under the water and saw that it was a whole new beautiful world, where it’s so quiet until I saw creatures, monsters dragging me around. I wanted to get out there as fast as I can, but I couldn’t move, I was out of air, drowning, helpless. I thought I was going to die but then, someone that looked like my owner fished me up and took me back to the place where all of us was not wanted. At this moment I knew that this is where I die, I was cold and soggy so I closed my eyes.

When I opened my eyes I saw a lot of things that looked like my owner but in different sizes, colors and shapes. With my friends and family again until I got taken by something warm and soft. I served a purpose to them again. And this whole process was going on loop, waking up, getting taken by something and ending up where all of us are useless and then waking up like we are brand new, and then again and again.

Until one day I was at the place where all of us serve no purpose anymore so I closed my eyes hoping to be new again, and then I opened my eyes but I was still here so I closed my eyes again, but this time when I opened my eyes I was in something red and the thing warmer than usual covered my body.

I saw my friends turning into smoke and ashes and then I wasn’t in a solid form anymore, I feel like gas and I was so light, I could travel the world now and to find all of my owners! I finally found my original owner, just when I was going to say hi I went to the clouds and days later I finally fell back down, not as gas, not as cardboard but as water. There were so many others like me, maybe millions, billions or even trillions.