Upcycled Birdhouse

I picked this Ignite Project because I wanted to experience impacting on a small group, which was birds. This will also have an impact on bird life by providing food for them. A positive impact by demonstrating how we can upcycle and inspire other people to be kind to animals and the environment. I learnt that I should first make a detailed plan before starting the project. Next time what I would do differently is to collect more recycled paper or cartons of drinks in order to create a more vivid birdhouse.


Printmaking: The shades of a Ship

I chose Printmaking for this Express It Week, one of the reason is because I wanted to learn something new and different in Visual Arts. It seemed really exciting!

I learnt a lot on this project, like equipment such as printing ink, the color you use for the stamp image, and the brayers, the rollie-things you use to spread the paint all over. Another big thing I learnt was when you wanted fulfill a space, negative or positive, you have to put in a lot of effort in your designs to attract your audiences.

My least successes were the color blending and the printing. If I were to do it again, something different I would consider to do would be taking time to print on more pieces of paper.

The epic journey of Bath Bombs

[embeddoc url=”http://blogs.isb.bj.edu.cn/futuresacademyprojects/files/2016/12/merged-1.pdf” download=”all”]

“Once upon a time there was nothing, and then there were bath bombs! Get your bath bombs today! Feels extra clean and relaxing, 100% organic bath!” a thought keeps ringing in my head.

It all started when I heard a loud poof! and then I awoke to the sensation of some warm, colorful powder. My first blink, I felt shining like the bright stars above me. Looking around, I saw Enormous Giants wheeling green people who look just like me. Where are they taking them to? Will I get taken away? I turned back to my space, and found out that there were clones just like me! A mix of white and yellow.

One of my clones acknowledged me that each of our colors represent a tribe. She told me that she was our tribe leader, the HoneyMoon. And that my name is Popcorn, whatever that means. There were a few mix of pink and blue ones on top of the white-yellow, and there were one next to me. Hello, I said. This pink one just smiled at me, I’m assuming she rolled off from her pink-blue group. What reaction you would get when you talk to liquids? A fizz-ical reaction. She giggled, whoa, I never had a buddy, or even less, a friend. “I’m Heidi”, she said. She looked like me, although more beautiful and wealthier as the princess she is. I’m just a poor ignorant, who just follows my guard leader. “I’m…”, I stammered lost of words.

Soon, big hands grab our plastic shields apart. And I felt so free, as I gasp my first breathe of this outside world. “Let’s explore this world together”, I said to her. But we were thrown into a brown-moody colored box. I don’t know how long we were in there, but certainly, I felt earthquake every seven “bath bomb” minutes. I was held up again, but the surroundings look different, and even nightmarish. There were also a big family of the Giant who picked me up. Although some had long, curly hair, and the others had yellow, short hair. They don’t really seem so bad. But we got an even bigger surprise.

I felt like I just came out of a multicolored, sprinkle world. There were the green people I saw a few days ago. A family of white-blue spheres, the Frozen tribe. Just about 29 bath bomb minutes, a loud bell tingled. Enormous Giants brushed into the room, they stormed around, looking vicious and hungry. We were next thrown into another box, sort of like the one where they put me into. A lot of people took the tribes, and they were screaming. I personally don’t think that they’re that bad. They actually seem nice. And then I was taken, too.

Heidi looked further away now, as I was put into a black sack. “Sold!” a grinning Giant said. I felt lifted away from here. After a while, I called to Heidi, It’s alright! I hope. Again, shipped into a new surroundings. This time next to a massive white box. “That must be the Enormous Giant bed”, I wondered aloud. It looked just like the moody-brown box, but in bleach-white form, or so I thought.

Where is Heidi? It has been two bath bomb days. I bet she is still at the store, left alone wandering. I can’t bear to see her beautiful face shining in sorrow. A bath bomb month has past. Three months and 26 days. And I’ve been waiting since. I’m calm, because I just know that Heidi will come to me one day, today. Nope, 8 months and 49 days. I’ve been worried sick about her, I don’t know whether she has a new owner to work for, or had she been destroyed.

On one faithful day, the least I expected. The Enormous Giant had me cornered. I struggled to save Heidi. He grabbed me instead, that’s when I learnt that every ball is right about these Enormous Giants. This one, filled his bed with transparent liquid. “That’s weird”, I thought. So I gingerly stepped away from his bed. My tribe leader had once warned me about even touching a certain liquid. Yet, that Giant had me cornered. And he dropped me off twelve of bath bomb feet, landing in a soft plunk! “Hey, get off me!” The evil liquid said. “Hey! Yo! Can you hear me? You’re polluting my beautiful color!” Well, he had some color, it was a see-through, transparent, like the Moonlight tribe. My face started tearing away. I screamed, just like the other balls in their tribes. I was beginning to see what was the purpose I served. How stupid was I to think that they have feelings?! How was I fooled all along that Heidi may come to me?! I guess as a real ball to protect Heidi the whole time.

My last thoughts surround me in a swirl of white and yellow. I feel my body stretch apart, pulling to and fro, fizzing hardly. It is very painful to watch, and even more painful to feel. Drenched in myself and this liquid, I can only think of myself as my own hero for saving Heidi.