To express or not to express, that is the question

To ____ or not to ____, to express or not to express, to fight or not to fight, to fear or not to fear, to dream or not to dream, to forgive or not to forgive, to live or not to live, that is the question. During Ignite Week, I was in the drama group, and we devised a unique piece of theater. Throughout this week, I was able to dig deeper into drama and get better at devising theater. A big challenge was being able to incorporate our research, along with our personal experiences into an entertaining show within a week. I grew a lot in my chosen L21 focus area in this project, which was Communication and Collaboration, as I was able to listen to other’s ideas without being too controlling. A piece of evidence would be the script I put together that shows everyone’s ideas. This skill will definitely be of value to me in the future, as being able to string together a variety of ideas, while sharing my own is an important skill for projects in the future.

The Silver Horse

In Ignite week I made a banner that represents me to answer the design challenge. But I had some bumps on the road when I was making it such as when I was cutting out my horse I accidentally cut the hoof off and I had to restart. But it was not all bad, some of my success was my embroidery things, such as my moons and my symbols. Some of the skills in Ignite week I learned is how to sew and make a banner, this will be helpful in the future because if I need to sew I will already know how to do it. I grew in innovation because I feel like I know have the power to innovate and to do things.


In this project I created a banner. Throughout all of this week I made a banner that was supposed to express me. For example the falcon in the middle was meant to show what my parents named me after and FINGO means to imagine or innovate in Latin, and this is what I want to do with my life. Through the week I learned to sew in two different ways, and also more about my classmates and I. A struggle that I had is that it was hard to have the sewing machine sew in a straight line.

Huck’s Japanese American Flag

I created a fusion between the Japanese flag and the American flag. I had the sun and white background of the Japanese and the stars of the American. I really got a lot of work done in the short time I had, but I was sick for half of it and did not finish, which was very upsetting. My L21 group was Innovation and Creativity, and I really had my creative juices flowing. I used my imagination to bring this idea to life and was very happy with it. And when people gave me suggestions, I was not afraid to at least test them out and see how it would add to the general design of my flag. Until now, I had never sewn before, so I grew a lot in that department. It was a really good experience. With this powerpoint, I showed the pictures of me working on the flag up until the date of the exhibition, showing what I could get done and how I did it.

Amazing Art

I created a pollution piece, that represented a factory, smoke, polluted water and a melting earth. My successes were that I succeeded in creating an elaborate design to make my melting earth and that I also succeeded in creating art using different types of materials. My challenges were that I did not have enough time or resources to make my art exactly as I had planned in, however, I did succeed in creating most of the things i had planned and improvised when I couldn’t follow my exact plan. I grew in my L21 focus area in this project because I had to think about how I could use “big” art to represent an important issue that I wanted to show to my audience. I also grew because I was working with a new material and I had to figure out how to solve problems that arose with the artwork. This will be valuable to me in the future because this will help me to be more open to working with new materials, trying new and unique things, and representing my thoughts by using unusual materials.

Dramatic Drama

We directed and performed a drama. The name of it was “To __ or not to __”. The aim of this performance was to inspire people who are afraid to express their emotions. First, one of the group member suggested that we ought to dance. All of us agreed with her. What we chose for dance show was the emoji dance because we thought emojis are the best way to express our emotions. Then, We summarized the story of those distinguished people who fought against racism, like Malala and Gandhi. After that, there was a shadow puppetry show that was directed by 8th graders. At last, we filled in the blank of “To __ or not to __”, and everyone had said it out loud to the audiences.


I think my biggest success during this project was that I didn’t have many problems with communication. Since I am an EAL student, communicate with others will be pretty hard. there is one evidence that I can prove this. I answered more questions than the ignite project I was in before. Also, I think I was being confident at all, that was an improvement for me.


Since I’m an EAL student, the biggest challenge for me was to understand the question Mrs. Northcott was asking. Also, I could only use the simplest words to communicate because my lexile is extremely low.


In my chosen L21 focused area, I should be able to evaluate my peers and provide them feed back. I tried my best advice others, but even I couldn’t understand my advices. So I think there isn’t a lot of improvement in this L21 focused area.


The most valuable experience in this project was being confident. When we were doing our warm up exercise, there was a part that we should release our Chi. I thought that was embarrassing. But my peers didn’t think a lot of it, so I followed them. This exercise can definitely relates to other skills, like responding teachers’ questions. I don’t like to answer question because I don’t have confident. But when people around me are having some “wrong answers”, I feel like it doesn’t matter if your action is correct or not, if you don’t say it out, you don’t even have the chance to prove your answer.


To EXPRESS Or Not to EXPRESS, is that the question?

We created a live-theater piece, (meaning we interacted with the audience, there was many things to look at) using difference media’s to tell a story and to inform the audience about the issue. We showed how people get oppressed for their freedom and right to speech, in different environments, and at different times, and how many people don’t feel like they can’t speak in our community today. We definitely succeeded to en-plant truths of the problems about oppression in people in peoples minds, because it was a topic everyone can relate to. We put together a video of things that people in our classroom are stressing about and feel resisted to talk about (anonymously), and we want to show the Audience that they have the same fears and thoughts in our minds and we should share our issues. That others have that issues in common, and make them aware of how people felt in our community, and how they can help people feel more welcome and comfortable to express what they want. The hard thing was the time period. We had to devise a piece that could have gone in any direction, to memorize lines, to use different media, to make a performance. My L21 focus area was communication and calibration. In a devising piece, we needed to get out of our comfort zone and develop self confidence and collaboration skills, with new people. We needed to learn to make more friends. This experience developed our own knowledge and experiences. This experience made us gain knowledge from the outside world, and with-in our own life’s. I learned to work as a team. All of these aspects are needed for the rest of our life’s.

An Interactive Book

For this Ignite week, I created an interactive narrative about two siblings in the medieval times. Some of my successes were completing the book and findings relevant images that fit the book’s dialogue. I also met with some fifth graders and pitched my ideas to them. They really liked the story’s plot so that was definitely a huge success for me. My challenges were editing my pictures on to other pictures. It took me a very long time to get each image done because I had to make sure the foreground blended into the background for each image. My chosen L21 focus area was problem-solving and I feel that I have grown a lot in that area because every time it took me a few hours to work on each image I would take a deep breath and continue. Usually, I would be upset and want to give up but I’ve learned a lot from this experience. Problem-solving is crucial. We stumble upon it every day choosing from a hotdog or a salad for lunch but when we come across really hard problems that we just have to power through but can’t, we need to take a brain break and take a deep breath. Book Creator and SuperImpose helped me edit my images and write my interactive book. I think Book Creator could really help me in the future to write books digitally. Overall, my project was successful and I’m really happy with it!

To Express or not to Express, that is the question.

What did you create?

During Express It ignite week, along with the ensemble, we created three original pieces of theater. This included a dance, tableaus, and puppetry. The emoji dance is used to express our emotions and show that sometimes people keep their feelings hidden inside. The historical character tableaus is used to honor historical figure that have stood up and believed everyone should have the freedom of speech and to express themselves in different ways. Lastly, we created a puppetry piece which was similar to the tableaus. It included communicating the journey of a change maker. However, instead of using tableaus, we used puppetry to tell the story.

What were your successes?

We successfully devised pieces of theater using different elements such as narration, tableaus, movement, puppetry, etc. We were also able to quickly storyboard and create a creative piece in the limited time that was given.

What were your challenges?

Usually working with a group, there may sometimes be collaboration complications. However, due to the lack of time, we had to work at a quick pace and find the most efficient way to create a piece of theater. In fact, I think the limited time allowed us to work better as a group because ideas had to be thought up quickly and didn’t have much time to revise.

How did you grow in my chosen L21 focus area in this project? What evidence can you share of that?

Having to work with an ensemble, I had to use my collaboration skills. In order to communicate with the audience, we had to include components that would allow us to create an exciting piece and engage the audience.

What are some ways that the skill I learned during Ignite week would be of value to me in the future?

Obviously drama skills, but I also think I also improved my communication and collaboration skills to be able to express myself better. Throughout my journey in drama, I have grown so much, and this is just a piece of that journey.

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