Sustainable Dog House

We pick this project because everyone all have had dogs, and we also want to build something unique, so we brainstormed some ideas, and we ended up building a waterproof dog house by using used cardboard.

I learned a lot about creativity and innovation, along with the skills of building structures and painting. And if I can do another similar project, I would use less paint and hot glue.


Unknown Story

I chose this Ignite project because I wanted to practice my writing skills, since I enjoy writing but am really bad at it. I was able to learn how to describe areas, and give more visuals in a story with out pictures. If I were to do this again I would probably choose a shorter story, since I was unable to finish this story.


Passion Animation

I chose this Ignite week project because I had done this type of thing before, and I had already made two animations in this Tomato Cry series. Me and my partner Alex had been discussing this video a long time ago, and we just never really had the time to make a third video. Until now. So we took this chance to make the third installment of the Tomato Cry series.

I learned a few things, or relearned them. The first was that other people’s opinions can really change what you make, mostly in a good way, so you should really hear them out. Second, you shouldn’t be frustrated over something that you know you can never get back, like when I lost my data when the app crashed. You just have to find new ways.

If I were to do this project again, I would really consider my time more, probably make a shorter script, and I also would work on the video on the weekends. Considering this, and that I probably would not be sick again for a day of the week, I think that I could have finished a complete video of what we had in mind.

The Art of Procrastination

I picked this Ignite project because I wanted to fight back against procrastination to have better time management for next year in high school. I learned that even there are a few pros to procrastination, they usually do not outweigh the cons. I also learned that during the time you procrastinate, your brain is thinking of all the possible methods to do the task and which would be the best to complete it with; so while your brain is thinking, your body is put just idling. If I were to do this again, I would have actual notecards instead of notes on my iPod, that way I would look up at the audience more rather than just reading off my iPod.

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Laser Cut Tags for Tools In FA

I originally choose this project, but when mine didn’t work out well, this was a good alternative. I really enjoyed the process of the project I ended up doing. I think that it really put my laser cutting skills to test. I learned how to use illustrator to tweak designs and make them eligible for laser cutting even more than last time. If I could change something next time, I would order more colors of acrylic so I could make a bigger variety of tags.

Shaking Up Shakespeare!

bekah b ignite pptEven though I have had much experience in the past with this specific type of communication, I feel like I was really able to expand my understanding of this topic because I worked with different people this time around, some of which had no knowledge of this (drama) so I was able to learn how to communicate and teach them which they said really helped with their performance in the end.


I have discovered that throughout my whole experience with drama over these past few years, I have really unlocked my passions and I discovered how much I love drama. From this experience, I decided that I really want to act because I can express myself and really be me even while playing a character. In my case, I really want to pursue acting and if I apply skills like physicality, projection and also characterization to my acting, I can increase my understanding and play any character better in the future. Unlike in the past when developing a character was difficult for me. I have definitely learned so much (and I do still continue to learn every day) that I can apply to myself and my life which has changed so much because of this new skillset.

Shaking up Shakespeare!

This ignite week project was about creating a play using stuff from Shakespeare. I chose this project because I want to act a little bit more since I have a deathly fear of acting. I learned a lot of Shakespeare quotes (and insults!) and also learned how to stage fright. If I had to do something different, I would probably not get too excited since I nearly knocked my tooth out by stage falling.

Capturing Double Exposure

I chose this because it seemed the most interesting and I love taking photographs and editing. I learnt quite a bit in this one week project. I learnt about editing and how hard it really is, and different online apps and websites I can use. During this week, I have learnt a lot more about PicsArt during these days and am grateful to be able to use my favourite app. If I were to do this differently, I would have watched more videos on how to make Double Exposures, so I could spend more time playing around with the app on the first day, and I had some ideas to start off with.




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