FA Memory Wall

We created a memory wall that contained all the great memories that we built over the years in FA. Our challenge during this project would definitely be time due to the fact that we only had a week to finish our project. We were definitely running out of time and we didn’t have enough time to finish up everything. Our success would be organization because we knew exactly what to do and what we had to get done. We also had a good idea of what our design would look like which definitely made us a lot more organized. In conclusion, preparation was also our success but also a challenge. Due to the fact that we weren’t very prepared in the materials side but we were very prepared in our collaboration and communication area. We were also prepared with our design! My chosen L21 focus was creativity and innovation, I grew by thinking outside of the box and making our design better. For example: making the colors in the different geometric shapes! Creativity and Innovation will help me in the future because it will remind me of thinking outside of the box and thinking of new ideas. Whether it’s in collage or in our future jobs thinking of new ideas will always be helpful!

Creating Our Book

For our “Make it Ignite Week 2017-18” Isabel and I created a book for kindergarten students in Mrs. Nunan’s class. Our book identifies a problem and shows students that it is okay to be different and we shouldn’t have to change ourselves to fit into society’s stereotypes. I picked Make a Book for my Ignite Week because I wanted to do something different and still show interest in it. Throughout this project, I learned how to use Adobe Photoshop. If I was to redo this project, I would take short breaks throughout the day because creating a book using Adobe Photoshop takes up a lot of time and energy. Taking breaks would have helped us relieve stress and regain our energy. Isabel and I met our L21 standards because we worked collaboratively together. We communicated with each other very well during our “Create and Improve” process. This helped us finish our share of work on time. A challenge that we faced was creating the layout for our book, we solved this by exploring the app and learning different skills. We also struggled to come up with the Chinese writing in our book. To solve this issue, I asked my mom to help us come up with some of the dialogue to our story. Overall, I think this project was very successful and I have learned a lot about picture books and Adobe Photoshop.

Sensory Device- Fidget Bracelet

Nicole and I created a fidget bracelet where there are several components that help ADHD, boredom, nervousness and other different metal problems. The components include a slider, mini stress ball, worry stone, rubber band, and round surfaces (which is made out of a ball from the 3D printer). The successes were that we got to finish our product on time, efficiently and in an organized way. I think we got to finish this goal by Friday because we always planned ahead, keeping in mind of the 2nd and 3rd choices of options. However, the challenges were that the 3D printing didn’t turn out as we thought it would be. It was our first time designing the shapes, so we had a hard time figuring out the system and how it worked. Adding onto that, we also encountered the problem of having different ideas. For most of the times of discussion, we had separate opinions in creating the product. For example, when we finished our first 3D printing, Nicole claimed that we should add another one of the components on the bracelet, and I wanted to make the design simple. At the end, we overcame the problem with combining our ideas. We also grew in problem-solving, the L21 focus area we chose. We could prove it because when we were making our final products, we were stuck on attacking the 3D printed pieces on the bracelet, and we problem solved the obstacle with lots of different ways. For example, reading instructions carefully, asking a friend for a suggestion, or even Ms. Damberger. From this week, we learned to recognize the difference between inside and outside the box solution, which helped this project to go thoroughly and would help/ be valuable to me in the future.

Chocolate Surprise

I created a vanilla and chocolate layer cake with jam and whipped cream in-between the different layers plus a crunchy cookie crust in the bottom of the cake. It is covered by fondant, light green frosting on the top of the cake, and fruit decorated on top and around the cake.


My successes were making the vanilla and chocolate cake layers. Because I was good at adding the right ingredients at the right time and taking the cake out of the oven at the right time so the cake would be well cooked.


My biggest challenges making this cake is making the fondant. Because I had a hard time mixing all the ingredients together and it toke a long time to mix the ingredients solid enough to make fondant. It was also very hard for me to squeeze the frosting out of the bag and making the frosting stay in shape.


I grew in creativity because after my peers gave me suggestions to be more creative on my cake, so I decided to add cut pieces of fruit on top of my cake and also covered my whole cake with fondant. I also grew in innovation because instead of making a cake with one layer, I came up with a new method of making the cake with multiple layers of cakes. So I could put more jam and whipped cream onto the layers to make the cake taster.


I think the skills that I learned from this Ignite group could help me in the future by making more cakes and other deserts for my family and friends. It will also strengthen my interest in cooking and baking.

Up-cycled Furniture – Bean Bag Chair

During Ignite week, I created a wooden chillax corner that can help me become comfortable along with a beanbag chair so that its not very hard, and that it can add some softness. My beanbag chair was a success, even though it kind of ended being a giant pillow, but my wooden part of the project was not. I used some wood from home to make the back/leaning part of the “corner”, but I ran out of wood and it kind of ended up really small (but I can still fit myself in there). One of my challenges that i had to encounter, was time. I used up a lot of time just goofing around with my friends and not focusing, and time was almost up for the project, I had no time to get more wood, or any other materials. I learned more about how to take things apart and then making them into a whole new thing is just a week, and that how hard it is to focus and finish all of it on time. I can use the skills that I have learned during Ignite Week in the future when my boss or someone else suddenly throw a project or job to do, I can be comfortable, and know that I should focus and not be off task.

Sugar Tornado Cake

For this year’s Ignite Week, I baked a cake. It is a double-layered chocolate cake with green frosting, M&Ms on top and a tornado made of grey fondant. The chocolate represents the earth, and the green frosting represents the grass. I was extremely successful with the frosting and M&M decorations but not as successful with the actual baking of the cake. I learned a lot about baking and decorating in these few days and have a new found interest in baking, a sign of hidden creativity discovered. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to make a draft cake so I have nothing to compare my final product with, but I am fairly certain that I have grown. These skills I have learned will benefit me very much in the future in areas like art and baking if I ever did decide to become a baker.



Writing A 101% Perfect Book

I made a picture book to capture the attention of younger students around KG, called “MY 101% PERFECT BOOK”, about an elephant named Bob, who wants his book to go all his way, but the reader keeps messing it up.  He gets really angry. He wants it to be just his and just his way, but when he starts to think, he realizes reader’s ideas aren’t actually so bad.


I was able to teach a lesson in the story, but still make it engaging. I was teaching that it’s not all about you and that other people’s ideas make your ideas even better, a thing most little kids don’t realize. They tend to want to be in charge, and make it all about them, and I succeeded to teach them that’s not how it has to be. I also seceded to make a deluge where the character is interacting with the reader which is really hard to pull off. Questions are the key, like,” what? You want me to turn the page? Well okay…”, and repetition because the reader already knows and understands.


I found it challenging to make the the illustrations, and the emotions of the characters. I wanted to show more in the pictures than in the words, but I don’t exactly think I did that. I think my illustrations where okay though! I also thought it challenging to make it look like a crayon drew some things, and photo shopping crayons into the image, using different media. There was no crayon option, so I had to be creative and instead I used dots.


My L2 project was creativity. I thought I improved in that area because I was able to use a speech of writing where the writer was communicating with the reader, which is really unique and really hard to pull off, and took some really creative thinking. Also, my images start out black and white expect for the character and the “reader” makes it more colorful little by little which I felt was really creative to the theme that others ideas only make your ideas more interesting and better.


A skill I learned from making a book ignite week was how to really engage and teach little kids. This is a great skill in life, especially because I have little brothers and sisters, and may have children of my own someday, or be a teacher. This also means I can teach real life problems in a simple way that everyone can understand though a story, which will also get me a lot further in life. I can teach people of all ages important life lessons.

Link to Process Journal:



Ignite Week 2K17-Make It

In this year’s first ignite week, there was a lot of trouble me and my partner encountered. We had problems when my partner was NOT doing any work at all, and also going off task and out of control. Despite all the trouble we faced, we ended up with a pretty decent final product, and got some good feedback from the visitors.

Ignite Week Richard Jiang

I created a book that talked about the life of a naughty kinder garden student. In the story, Daniel ( the main character) got a very strict teacher, it talks about how the action of Daniel irritates Mrs. Marge. We added funny elements to entertain the student. For example fart jokes, toilet related. We created this book based on what kinder garden students love. This book was inspired by “NO David NO” By David Shannon.

We achieved our goal even though, it was difficult. After this project, I learned the importance of teamwork. How communication and collaboration could impact the quality of the work. We finally got the chance to write a “published” story that students could read.

The real challenge is to focus. I and my team faced a lot of teamwork problems while some of our team members wander off. Thanks to Mr. Q for helping us to stay on task. Another challenge was to design and translate the story. Chinese and English are two different types of language, which cannot be translated using the internet because of the different format. The process of designing was the same, the page has a limited size.

Throughout the process of making a book with my teammates. I learned how important is to collaborate. I cannot imagine how I would do without the support and help from my classmates. This project would be much harder without my team because I would have to do all the work by myself. Without my teammates I would have to come up with and write the words all by myself, I would have complete the whole PPT and the book. It would be much harder without my mates. In the process, we as a team learned the power of teamwork. How easy could anything be if we cooperate well? For instant writing all the words and translating, we completed that in 2 days. We started tough where we spent 1 whole day coming up with the idea.

If I had another chance or did this in the future, I would try to improve the communication between members. During the project, our team wasted a lot of time on PPT because we didn’t tell others our ideas, where they deleted our work. I enjoyed the week, I feel very proud of our team because we completed such a difficult mission. I believe we could do better in the future by making our ideas clearer for others to understand and using a more solid plan. At last, I would like to thank our teachers, Mr.Q and Mrs. Brown because they helped us to overcome obstacles that came in our way.

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