Running in the hallways

We claimed that running in the hallway and tripping is related to the laws of motion. First, our victim, tom was running in the 6th-grade hallway, then a teacher stopped him. Because he was late for class so he ignored the teachers warning and continued running, but he ended up tripping and getting hurt. This relates to all Newton’s laws because it includes unbalanced force and inertia, acceleration and force, and, momentum and motion.

Project Collision- PSA

My group improved safety at ISB by, showing second graders to use safe equipment when they play sport, so no injuries happen to them. I showed our PSA to my brother who is in that class and he said, the video showed him that this problem is very serious. When I showed this to their class they really enjoyed the video and they also learned some science too!


Scarlett O’Keefe

Project Collision Reflection

nvolved me, Ryan, and Austin demonstrating to 4th graders just how dangerous running in the hallway can be. For example, the first law of motion was about the law of inertia, meaning that an object in motion will stay in motion, and an object in rest will stay at rest. Me and Ryan ran around a hallway corner at a high speed, consequently colliding and falling to the floor.
Newton’s second law states that a=F/m, meaning that the acceleration of an object depends on the net force and the mass of that object. For instance, a person trying to push a truck by himself will most likely turn out to be unsuccessful because the mass of the truck is far more than the mass of the person. Newton’s third law states that very object will have an equal and opposite force, meaning that if one person hits the wall, that the person will experience pain, due to the fact that the amount of force the person has transferred to the wall has been brought back to the person who was acting upon the force.
In this unit, the thing that challenged me the most was the scale drawings. This is because most of the time I was focusing on constructing the hydroponics instead of working on my scale drawings. Next time, when doing something like this I should focus on getting my current work done before fixing older work.

Don’t be a Phubber!

Driving Question: How do we use the laws of motion to improve safety?

First of all, our group made a PSA about phubbers slipping on a banana peel that’s been littered, for the PSA, we wanted to show that don’t be a phubber, don’t always look at your phone, things can’t rewind, the truth hurts…and we want to show that don’t litter not only that for the environment, it hurts the people around you. And then in the PSA, we add how did the person slip, and how did his head crack and all the things that could be described by Newton’s laws, and we all explained it by Newton’s all three laws. Then at last we presented to a fifth grade class and got advice. so the main thing we did to answer the driving question is that we used pubbers and the banana peel as an example for describing Newton’s laws, and we shared to get advise and shared to warn students.  

PSA: Kids Wear Your Helmets

How do we use the laws of motion to improve safety?

You might consider mentioning: What did you learn? What challenged you about this project? How did you try to improve safety at ISB?


I learned Newton’s three laws of motion

I thought it was difficult to understand Newton’s three laws of motion

I used to think riding a vehicle without a helmet was really fine but now I think without helmet is just suicide(but I don’t have a helmet in my house)

Unit 3: PSA + Driving Question Response

How do we use the laws of motion to improve safety?

You might consider mentioning: What did you learn? What challenged you about this project? How did you try to improve safety at ISB?

By understanding the basic laws of motion we can determine if the safety hazard is harmful with enough alacrity to prevent serious damage when making choices we can predict whether we should or shouldn’t. This unit I didn’t learn anything but whilst everyone else was learning the laws of motion I started to try and use different methods of cutting corners and use a vast variety of my knowledge to find things much more complicated and try some of my own predictions. The only thing that challenged me with this project was whenever I worked with a group they would never understand my ideas. This problem has plagued me for almost every project that gave us the freedom to “make our own” my teammates never understand ideas that are more complex and always end up not believing they will work.

Car Safety-Reflection

I learned that collaboration is very important when you are in a team. If we did a better job with collaboration, our work might have been better. Also, I learned that wearing a seatbelt while driving is important because, without a seatbelt, you will break out of the window and hit something beyond the car and it will end up you getting a serious damage. The challenges were that our group disagreed and that’s why we were late then everybody else. But we fixed the problem by discussing with each other in a polite because we were kind of rude to each other. The Newton’s Laws can explain and also alert people with safety restriction because, with scientific explanations, people might believe in it more. If we show a video about the car crashing into the wall and explain why people might get injured because of the Laws of Motion, people will agree and actually move on to action.


Why You Shouldn’t Use Your Phone in the Hallway & Some Physics Too

I can use the laws of motion to improve safety by having an example of a safety hazard and pointing out where newton’s laws appear in the scenerio.

This project challenged me by making me compromise my ideas with other people’s ideas and giving my group a limited amount of time to finish a big project.

My group improved the safety at ISB by showing my group’s safety PSA to a classroom of 5th graders.

S-board Without Helmet PSA

Driving Question: How do we use the laws of motion to improve safety?

During the Project Collision, we learned about Newton’s three laws of motion. After learning the definition of each law, I used the laws of motion to improve safety by creating a PSA (public service announcement) with my groupmates, Sofia, and Suhan.  Our group decided to use ‘riding on the s- board without a helmet on’ to identify the laws of motion and make accurate connections to cause & effects in our video. While doing this project, we faced some challenges and successes. One thing  I believe we did an excellent job is the scientific explanations in the PSA because the video was clear so that even the viewers who didn’t know Newton’s three laws would understand clearly. However, next time, our group should be aware of time since we took a lot of time filming the video (which should have been finished in a couple of days). Eventually, we got to improve safety at ISB by informing the 4th graders (4RB) and going into their classrooms to present.

Safety During Driving.

Driving Question: How do we use the laws of motion to improve safety?

To improve safety, knowing and understanding the laws of motion are a must. In this project, me and my classmates have gained knowledge and have come to fully understand Newton’s three laws of motion. For this project’s final product, I was paired with a team that wasn’t necessarily what fit me the most, so we had issues and conflicting thoughts, but we managed to complete our project in the end. I hope our PSA helped the fifth grade students, from improving and increasing their knowledge to preventing injuries from car crashes in the future.

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