Eating Utensils for Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disorder

During project Enable, we were tasked with the design challenge of enabling someone with a genetic disorder. Many people today suffer from disabilities, mostly caused by genetic disorders or diseases. Through science and innovation in technology, we created devices or ways that will better enable a person with a specific type of disorder. People with disabilities are often judged by others or called out and were made fun of. They shouldn’t be. Before designing a prototype, we learned about what caused these genetic disorders, and how do people get them. Genetic diseases are usually caused by inheriting from your parents or caused by a mutation in genes. The variation happens during protein synthesis and causes the protein to become abnormal. Inheritance pattern includes dominant, recessive and X-linked. Later, we selected one genetic disorder and did more thorough research on it. The chosen disease for me was Charcot-Marie-Tooth. It is caused by a duplication while transcribing the RNA for PMP-22 protein in chromosomes 17. We then identified daily challenges of someone with CMT, which included mobility and capability of carrying out fine motor skills depending on the severity. Next, we found inspiration and started prototyping. To address the problem, I created an eating utensil that enables them to eat with ease independently. Additionally, the tools are interchangeable allowing for easier travel. Through enabling them, we will enable them to live life independently and with better access to daily tasks.


To express or not to express, that is the question

To ____ or not to ____, to express or not to express, to fight or not to fight, to fear or not to fear, to dream or not to dream, to forgive or not to forgive, to live or not to live, that is the question. During Ignite Week, I was in the drama group, and we devised a unique piece of theater. Throughout this week, I was able to dig deeper into drama and get better at devising theater. A big challenge was being able to incorporate our research, along with our personal experiences into an entertaining show within a week. I grew a lot in my chosen L21 focus area in this project, which was Communication and Collaboration, as I was able to listen to other’s ideas without being too controlling. A piece of evidence would be the script I put together that shows everyone’s ideas. This skill will definitely be of value to me in the future, as being able to string together a variety of ideas, while sharing my own is an important skill for projects in the future.

Project Trade Up Reflection

During Project Trade Up, we learned about different aspects of society. From creating the society to building a sustainable economy, we completed various investigations, analysis and evaluation to gain knowledge and also develop a vision for our society. At the start of the project, we split into groups of four researching about geographic factors and historical precedent of our settlement location. Through this, we proposed a site for settlement of our community and determined the values of our community. Following, we learned about economic basics and decisions such as resources and trades needed to be made to allow for our society to strive. Lastly, we talked about the push and pull factors that impact the choice for immigration and the development of societies.

Societies meet their needs by understanding the values of the community, building a sustainable economy, and providing individuals with opportunities in the society. Besides, societies will trade with other countries to obtain resources they don’t have, which could help them develop over time. Trade conferences are happening around the world allowing for different countries to meet together and build economic relationships that are either beneficial or harmful. Benefits of economic relationship include having cheaper deals and easier negotiation, also, during war emergencies countries could bring support. Whereas toxic relationships involve creating sanctions and embargo against countries to hinder their development and possibly the survival of individuals in the society. Not every country is as developed as each other, but through relationships, they can improve and perhaps level with higher countries. Individuals can meet their needs by choosing a society that allows them to live sustainably and have a voice. Additionally, individuals can help the society strive by providing their expertise and contributing their skills to the society. Ultimately, both the society and individuals can meet their needs by making reasonable decisions and living sustainably.

To Express or not to Express?

The second Ignite Week of the year has now come to an end, a bittersweet reminder that my last year of middle school is more than halfway completed. For Ignite Week: Express It, I chose what sounded like a very enigmatic topic to explore – To ___ or not to ____. The alluring part of it was the fact that we could explore those empty slots ourselves, and dive deeper into the freedom of speech to fill them in. That week, our drama team collaborated and devised a piece about freedom of speech, all based on that question, that we performed for the rest of Futures Academy.

Our performance was successful, but not because it was completely perfect and free of mistakes. It was powerful and allowed us to explore more about what we, and others, cannot say. However, we did encounter some challenges. Opening ourselves up and understanding other people’s struggles was sometimes hard, but we learned to overcome those through practice. Additionally, devising the piece in a collaborative way was sometimes challenging because we had to compromise on ideas.

My L21 focus area was communication and collaboration, and I grew in this area because devising a whole piece of drama with a team of other people requires a lot of both of those. At the beginning, I found it hard to compromise on ideas, but at the end, I realized everyone had great ideas and that compromising and collaborating and using a combination of them would create something even better. These skills of collaboration will be endlessly useful in my life, because collaboration is one of the most important skills used today, in school, and in my future.

Go White or Go Black


During this project, we learned how to express ourselves through lines. The art works I created were mostly in colors of black and white. During is project we learned about 2 main artists. They were Heather Hansen and Shantell Martin. Heather Hansen expressed herself on a gigantic piece of white paper and charcoals. Shantell Martin expressed herself through black markers. She drew faces, stickman figures and lines to express herself. After getting inspirations about these artists, I created 4 art works. Overall, I learned that art is not just about colors and drawing well. It is also about expressing ourselves with no color and just lines.

ALLA Terrarium

I created a ALLA terrarium with my partners, I achieved a real success because the product is wonderful. I met a challenge when I found it hard to make perfect angles of the glass. I did all kinds of operations delightfully. During the ignite process, when I had my own original ideas, I share them with my partners, I found them friendly and we cooperated to fulfil many parts, especially while I made the models and design the draft of the glass, that must be deliberate, I could never forget. Besides, we had a pretty beautiful ALLA terrarium at last, the sense of achievement was beyond my expression when I saw my product. Although I learned laser cutting and draft skills, I took it for granted that I can manage it. What I didn’t expect is that the biggest challenge is to cut the glass with perfect angle, you can’t do it with any tiny error. While in the end, I made it. You don’t know how glad I was! I am eager to be here to invite you to share my delighters.

Design With Your Creativity

During the Ignite week, I was in the “Go Big or Go Home” where we do different kinds of art that we don’t usually do. Our drawing was a drawing that is not usually seen by lots of people. I had created few things throughout this project like drawing on the canvas with acrylic paint and other things. My successes were something like when I had a problem in drawing or making, solving the problem carefully. Some of my challenges were using creativity to make and draw things that I have never done. I chose creativity as L21 focus area because I think in those kinds of drawing that doesn’t have an exact limit on what to draw or not, the most thing we need is creativity to think of my own special drawing with my imagination. During the Ignite week, I learned who to be creativity in lots of different ways and how to use that creativity suitable.

My Life As: A Post-it:Project Consume

This project focuses on how much plastic we consume, and how we are literally trashing the earth. we also learn how we can reduce waste and how we can see through the world using the three lenses of sustainability. along the way, we learn about the chemical composition of materials and chemistry to remake our chosen products packaging. we also revisit the art of creating narratives, doing improvise drama and learning how to do physical theater while maintain the focus through a first-person view of an object.

The overall product of this project is below.