Social entrepreneurship is the use of start up companies and other entrepreneurs to develop, fund and implement solutions to social, cultural, or environmental issues. Some principals of entrepreneurship are, market research, sell, earn, etc. We used surveys to help us generate general ideas of what people liked and what they wanted for the sales day. Advertisement help attract more people than the first sales day which was the FA bake sale. By earning profit as a social entrepreneur using those strategies, we were able to donate our profit to the Ping An Medical Hospital. That helped us achieve the global need of our mission. Helping people with clef pallets help us meet some of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). For example, zero hunger, good health, well being and quality education, helping us meet the global need.


Social entrepreneur make a service or product that help solve a problem, or we can donate some of our income to charity. TK and I went on google trends and found out chicken is one of the most popular food, then we made a survey and most of them also said that they like chickens, and so we decided to sell chickens. In the survey, people think that Delimarché is over priced, so we sold the chicken nuggets at a price that is lower than Delimarché. During the sale, we’ve sold all the chicken nuggets we made. We will donated all of our profit to smile week hoping to help the kids with clef pallets, by doing this we tried to reduce inequalities, because when the kids have clef pallet, other people will think they are bad looking. After, they got they’re pallets removed, they will have a higher chance of getting adopted making them have better education and environment.


Baseball Tragedy

Driving Question: How do we use the laws of motion to improve safety

I learned a lot of things during this project. I learned how to implement science, humanities and math in real life. I learned some laws of motion by Newton and it widen my vision because they are used actually everywhere, everything we do, the laws of motion acts on us.

During this unit, we had two major projects, the Aquaponics/Hydroponic and the PSA.

In the Aquaponics project we had a lot of freedom and we organized time by ourselves without reminders from teachers, we learned that we should be responsible for our own work and we are not doing work for anyone but ourselves.

In the PSA, I learned how to edit successfully and my group learned how to communicate without fighting.

Science in Sports

I learned how to make a informational PSA that is educational and at the same time interesting. How to “hook” the audiences’ attention from the start of the video. Also how to explain Newton’s three laws in a less scientific and more understanding way. I also learned how to design and create a Hydroponic that makes planting easier. I also developed my presentation skills and I became much more confident in front a large audience.

Some of the challenges in this unit were drawing a scale drawing that is accurate and labeling relevant labels that shows the functions and improvements in our hydroponic. Also choosing a scale that is right for the scale drawing, so it is not to big or small on paper.


Dramatic Drama

We directed and performed a drama. The name of it was “To __ or not to __”. The aim of this performance was to inspire people who are afraid to express their emotions. First, one of the group member suggested that we ought to dance. All of us agreed with her. What we chose for dance show was the emoji dance because we thought emojis are the best way to express our emotions. Then, We summarized the story of those distinguished people who fought against racism, like Malala and Gandhi. After that, there was a shadow puppetry show that was directed by 8th graders. At last, we filled in the blank of “To __ or not to __”, and everyone had said it out loud to the audiences.


I think my biggest success during this project was that I didn’t have many problems with communication. Since I am an EAL student, communicate with others will be pretty hard. there is one evidence that I can prove this. I answered more questions than the ignite project I was in before. Also, I think I was being confident at all, that was an improvement for me.


Since I’m an EAL student, the biggest challenge for me was to understand the question Mrs. Northcott was asking. Also, I could only use the simplest words to communicate because my lexile is extremely low.


In my chosen L21 focused area, I should be able to evaluate my peers and provide them feed back. I tried my best advice others, but even I couldn’t understand my advices. So I think there isn’t a lot of improvement in this L21 focused area.


The most valuable experience in this project was being confident. When we were doing our warm up exercise, there was a part that we should release our Chi. I thought that was embarrassing. But my peers didn’t think a lot of it, so I followed them. This exercise can definitely relates to other skills, like responding teachers’ questions. I don’t like to answer question because I don’t have confident. But when people around me are having some “wrong answers”, I feel like it doesn’t matter if your action is correct or not, if you don’t say it out, you don’t even have the chance to prove your answer.


Meme/Classical Music Mashup

This project definitely helped me to grow in the L21 aspect. I had a couple of goals in the past 5 days. My first L21 goal was to be creative, I was creative because I tried different instruments and decided which one was best. Also, I added a personal touch by adapting some notes and adding some backgrounds. I also successfully broke rules by putting annoying and chaotic sounds in my project. I added loud and annoying music to compare with the calm classical music. Also, I used the found sounds and edited them in my project. Therefore, I challenged myself to try different kinds of music and I also challenged myself to try new editing tools.

NJR 11

The shoes that a started with were black and white Adidas Superstars. I wanted to use those because I think a lot of people wear them and that if I don’t make them different, it will just look very plain. That is how I created my special pair called “NJR 11”. First, I painted the shoes gold for about three layers. Second, I wrote on the outside part of the shoes with black sharpie to make them my favorite cars. Third I did the inside with my favorite football player: Neymar. Jr.  Fourth, I painted the souls of the shoes red and the front of it black. Fifth, I painted one yellow number one on each of the black fronts. Lastly, I fixed some small spots and painted some white liquid over each shoe to make the paint permanent and shiny. My successes were that all of the paint work very well and the shoes turned out better than I expected. But the challenges were that the borders of the two colors were hard to make it clean because the brush was very hard to keep it in the border. I think I grew in creativity because I put in nice colors and nice designs. I learned how to make my upcycled shoes into something way more special.

Logo Kicks

I of created a pair specially designed basketball shoes that reflect my interests and personality. I painted and drew cars, drones, and soft drinks logos with acrylic  paint and sharpie.

My successes were:

  1. The logos that I drew were detailed and sharp, it would be recognizable from from a long distance, the colors that I used was eye-catching and made the shoes bright and beautiful.
  2. The way that I organized the brands so it was not overwhelming and did not look blank and plain.
  3. This pair of shoes that I customized show my interests and hobbies and reflect my personality. Anyone who looks at this pair of shoes would immediately known what kind of person I am and what I like to do in my spare time.
  4. The customization does not affect the comfort of the shoe


My challenges were:

  1. It was hard to draft the brands on the shoe, since the material of the shoe is canvas.
  2. It was hard to copy down the “exact” logo, I had difficulties with using acyrlic, sometimes I would paint out of the area that I wanted to paint. Also with sharpies, The ink usually get absorbed into the fabric and would spread out, the tip of the markers was too thick for the small details on the logos.

3.When I laced my shoes, the two signs beneath was mostly covered up


For this project, “Creativity & Innovation” is my L21 focus. I chose this because I thought I could better present “Creativity & Innovation”.

Ignite Project Driving Question: How can I create a pair of up-cycled and customized shoes to reflect an element of my personality?

By “reflecting an element of my personality”, this means in my own words: To use my creativity and passion to customize shoes that are unique to myself, I combined all of my interests and personalities together to redesign this pair of shoes, I was creative by using a combination acrylic paint and markers, I not only added logos but also colorful strips to brighten up my artwork. I think this would show a high standard of “Creativity & Innovation”. I think it would also show Innovation because I “redesigned” the brands and added new colors, I customized a pair of plain white shoes into something that is special for only me, I basically turned this pair of shoes into an artwork. I think this really shows “Creativity & Innovation”.


The skills I have learned during this Ignite week would help me be more creative and innovative in many ways. In future artworks, I would be able to combine my interests together and make an artwork that is unique yet reflects my interests and personality. I have also learned how the colors affect the appearance of the artwork. I have also learned that accuracy is also one of the main words to be successful, for example, when I painted the brands on my shoes, if I didn’t have accuracy, the artwork wouldn’t have turned out as well. The brands wouldn’t be recognizable and the colors would be mixed together.

Only Hope…

I was in the ignite group “sweet kicks” so I created a pair of shoes that represented my mind and personality. The pair of shoes was covered with bright blue to represent the sky and some white that represents the clouds, and also some birds that bite leafs that represents hope, the main thinking of the pair of shoes is that I want the sky upon us to be the bright blue color, not the gray color, so the pair of shoes is for reminding people that the sky is turning gray! Help! Nature is dying! And I wrote only hope to let the people in Beijing relies on what they did wrong.

The successes that I have is that I made a pair of shoes that represented my mind and personality. And I successes that I got all the details right. My challenges are that when I tried to show the pollution in the pair of shoe’s “tongue” I failed, so I just showed “only hope” on the back of the shoes.

I chose creativity for my L21 focus area, I think I did good, first I made the design with some help, but still, I made the design with my own idea, and personality, second, I made two designs for my idea, and I went on to find ideas and feedbacks to choose the best one and create it, third, on my shoes, I let the birds on my shoes bite an olive leaf for hope to let the theme of my shoes stand out more. At last, I asked for feedback after the final product was made so I could get more ideas or more feedback on my shoes.

I think that I learned how to do things slow and gentle, on my design and my shoes, there were many parts that I needed to be gentle and slow, so I had to learn how to be patient when doing things, I think that patience would help me a lot in the future, I am a person that is really messy, gets mad easily, so I am not patience most of the times, I think that I learned something that is really useful to me.

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Recycle Plastic Bags!

  • I made a positive impact on Beijing by inspiring people to participate in the B.B.B project. I use to think plastic bags in supermarkets weren’t a big deal and never paid much attention to them. However, now I realized that it’s causing a major source of pollution to our environment. For example, one piece of plastic takes at least 500 years to decompose and when they decompose the micro plastic still float around, so the fish mistake plastic as food. And when we eat fish we eat the plastic in them together. After I found out about this, I tried to make a water filter. But I realized how hard it would be to make it into a real project because I would need employees, salesmen, and maybe even a company. So I decided that I should do something to stop the supermarkets from giving out free plastic bags instead. The BBB project was born. I talked to the Jenny Wang’s supermarket and they told me that I could put a collection box there so that they can reuse the plastic bags instead of giving out new ones every time.

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