An Interactive Book

For this Ignite week, I created an interactive narrative about two siblings in the medieval times. Some of my successes were completing the book and findings relevant images that fit the book’s dialogue. I also met with some fifth graders and pitched my ideas to them. They really liked the story’s plot so that was definitely a huge success for me. My challenges were editing my pictures on to other pictures. It took me a very long time to get each image done because I had to make sure the foreground blended into the background for each image. My chosen L21 focus area was problem-solving and I feel that I have grown a lot in that area because every time it took me a few hours to work on each image I would take a deep breath and continue. Usually, I would be upset and want to give up but I’ve learned a lot from this experience. Problem-solving is crucial. We stumble upon it every day choosing from a hotdog or a salad for lunch but when we come across really hard problems that we just have to power through but can’t, we need to take a brain break and take a deep breath. Book Creator and SuperImpose helped me edit my images and write my interactive book. I think Book Creator could really help me in the future to write books digitally. Overall, my project was successful and I’m really happy with it!

Big Art Meets Trash Can

During this ignite week ‘Express It’, I joined a project group called ‘Go Big or Go Home’. During this project, our main challenge was to create large pieces of art inspired by the two artists who are Shantell Martin and Heather Hanson. In this project, I created a large canvas drawing and also used another object, in my case a trash can, in order to practice Shantell Martin’s unique drawing style. Near the end of the project, our group went to the upper gallery and used our body’s motions and charcoal in order to make our own versions of Heather Hanson’s body art. To sum up, I was able to improve on combining my style of art with two different artists during this Ignite Week.

Project Consume: The Purpose I Was Given

During Project Consume, FA8 students were required to make a video using the driving question of the project: Are sustainable choices important? Through Humanities, I’ve learned about the impacts of the three pillars of the sustainability triangle. I’ve also learned more about our environment and how plastic can affect us. In Science, I’ve learned that we have alternatives. I’ve conducted experiments as well. We also learned about the elements of the periodic table. Throughout this project, I’ve learned so much about how humans have impacted this Earth. This project was truly a benefit to my development in education!

Space Race Project- Mile Exploration

During this project, we’ve worked on creating a rover that we could send to an exoplanet. This rover is going to go on the exoplanet and find out more specific information about the planet. We want to collect enough specific data that would answer the following questions: Is this planet suitable for humans to live on? Do they have enough of what humans need?

One of our successes throughout this mission was completing all the tasks that led us to our final website, our rover and have both the website and rover functioning properly for the exhibition. One of our challenges was communicating with each other. We would often disagree with each other’s opinions which leads us to stay off task. It would be harder for us to get back on task. Though I feel throughout the mission, we’ve gotten better at communicating and giving each other constructive feedback in an encouraging way.

My chosen L21 area was Communication and Collaboration. I feel that I’ve grown in this area because if seen and experienced how communication and collaboration can be negative and positive which helps me direct my self in the way I should be acting when communicating and collaborating with my peers. There was this time when on the same day we had an argument about placing our limit lines on a whiteboard which led us to an argument. The next block we agreed to stay on task and remind each other not to get sidetracked. During the third block, I really thought to myself. I should have an open mindset and be open to the new ideas that come out of my peers. So I started my sentence with:”I understand your idea but maybe we could add this to it”. Since then, we’ve argued less.

In the future, I feel that working with a certain group of people for a long period of time is challenging but when having conflict always try to think whats best for you and treat others opinions how your opinions want to be treated. Collaborating comes positively.