Eco-friendly Candles

At home, people uses candles to give their rooms a warmth atmosphere with a great scent. What many people don’t realize are the chemicals that are the candles made at factories. The substances cause indoor pollution that is harmful to the environment and human’s health. By making candles, you can control the materials inside of the candles and personalize the candle to their liking. Regards to making candles, it’s just a simple process of melting the wax and pouring it into containers with wicks. In order to make the candles unique, you have to use your creativity skills the personalize the candles with different containers, scent, and color.

In this ignite week, Etsuko and I first researched about the toxins inside the candles and found substitutes. For example, paraffin wax can be harmful to people’s lungs, so we replaced it with soy wax that is non-toxic and less detrimental to the environment. We also tried to use coloring that is non-toxic, however, we had trouble finding it at our homes, so we decided to use less coloring as possible. We also use sprinkles and dried flowers to customize the candles. During these two weeks, I learned about candles and the process used to create candles. We encounter a few problems including not having enough materials and coloring the wax. However, we worked our way through these difficulties and had lots of fun creating unique candles as well as learning a lot along the way.