Solar powered grocery go-kart

I created a solar-powered grocery go-kart. Unlike I predicted we finished the prototype after all kinds of challenges and impossible barriers. We finished the wiring of the solar panels, and also made the car move. But after all these successes, everyone has failures during this process. The one for TK and I  is that we couldn’t make it into a real size car. Our focus area of the L21 is:  “I understand the purpose driving my process of innovation and can develop insight about the particular needs and interests of my target audience.” The evidence of this is before this project, I interviewed several people: My mom, my nanny, and driver… Most of them had the same response; they all thought to buy groceries and to carry them is a pain in the butt. So I achieved these points below: 1. think it is really important to have a purpose of the project. 2. Also, We have to have an audience A.K.A people who share the same problems as us.3. And lastly, we have to fulfill our audiences’ needs. Finally, the most important thing I learned in this ignite week is there are infinite paths in life, if one path is a dead end, use the other path and run the success. In other words, never give up, don’t run away from challenges, run towards it.