In this project I created a banner. Throughout all of this week I made a banner that was supposed to express me. For example the falcon in the middle was meant to show what my parents named me after and FINGO means to imagine or innovate in Latin, and this is what I want to do with my life. Through the week I learned to sew in two different ways, and also more about my classmates and I. A struggle that I had is that it was hard to have the sewing machine sew in a straight line.

Imperial March (The Remix)

I used my DJ Control compact to mix a song with different effects and a creative drum beat. That song is the Imperial March from Star Wars. My goal was to play that song and create a drum beat and play effects over it. I accomplished this through intense work and concentration.  I also used feedback to better my work. My L21 focuses were innovation and creativity. I  created a techno beat in garage band to add in the song. I then recorded it through my DJ Control Compact and mixed with effects and beats to make to mixed. This what I did over Ignite week.
Here is my powerpoint:

Painting For Passion

In this ignite week project, I was in Go Big or Go Home. I created several different paintings with different styles. Two of the paintings use the Shantell Martin style, and the other uses Heather Hanson style. My successes are that I was able to incorporate my own style into the Shantell Martin paintings and finish on time for the exhibition. Different challenges are that I wasn’t able to get ideas at one point and I got stuck working on my painting for a certain amount of time. I grew in my L21 skills by being able to communicate with my friends on different ideas, I was able to create different paintings with my creativity. Different successes are my paintings themselves because I spent time working on the paintings.

Magical Darkness

I picked the Photography ignite experience because I’ve always had a passion in photography and I haven’t gotten to do that this year, so this was a opportunity to express my creativity though photography. Through this project I learned about light painting and ways to manipulate light in order for it to appear like a drawing. I also learned how to make objects appear as if they were levitating or floating. If I were to do this again I would probably spend more time trying to float objects because I only got a few of those.