Project Enable

Project Enable was about instead of curing a disability, we would try to help the person with the disease. We learned about genetics and the transferring of dominant and non-dominant traits as well as expanding our knowledge about.

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Project Trade Up

For the project we studied and observed real-world economics and its effects on countries. We examined economics through multiple activities that related to real-world economics. an example of this is when we, in our groups, had a “trade conference”. In our trade conferences, we could set up bilateral and multilateral trade groups that would make a mutually beneficial impact on our civilizations. We could also set up sanctions and give other negative effects to opposing civilizations to grow our GDP by taking advantage of them.


The trade conference put our views on what we did in perspective because of how they related to very relevant problems. The connections between our groups and real civilizations changed how we looked at political relationships and the actions they take to survive and develop. We could play a more positive part in the real world of learning and understanding what and why we as “countries” did and how it later affected others and how it negatively or positively affected us.

Big Art Meets Trash Can

During this ignite week ‘Express It’, I joined a project group called ‘Go Big or Go Home’. During this project, our main challenge was to create large pieces of art inspired by the two artists who are Shantell Martin and Heather Hanson. In this project, I created a large canvas drawing and also used another object, in my case a trash can, in order to practice Shantell Martin’s unique drawing style. Near the end of the project, our group went to the upper gallery and used our body’s motions and charcoal in order to make our own versions of Heather Hanson’s body art. To sum up, I was able to improve on combining my style of art with two different artists during this Ignite Week.

A Cool, Sparkly, and Relatable Explosion

I created shoes that I thought represented my personality as well as my creativity.

Some of my successes were the overall looks, and my time management. At first, I didn’t think it would look very good but I made some iterations and problem solved. I also feel that I worked very efficiently and finished my product in three days but still took time to do each of my steps carefully. I also think I did well with the glitter, because the lines came out very smooth, and it gave my shoes a little pop, kind of like a little pop of personality.

One of my challenges was when my sharpie colors didn’t blend. According to the video I watched. You use the sharpie colors you want and draw all over the shoe. When you’re done, then you use alcohol and it will all blend together. The alcohol must not have been strong enough because when I used the alcohol on my shoe, it only blended slightly. This left me with black, green, and blue streaks and marks that were obvious they were not meant to be there. Luckily, I problem solved and did differently on my other shoe and used a little alcohol after a few colors, and only used three colors that would blend together well. When my “bad” shoe dried a did another layer of sharpie that I did on my second shoe and it looked slightly better. You could still see some of the old marks but the shoes looked more like a pair.

I think I grew in my L21 focus area by making sure I chose the best model to prototype. I had a difficult time choosing between my two designs, but I thought back to the design challenge and question and I thought about which one really answered it more. I talked about appearance and also representation and finally decided on the galaxy one. I felt that one showed some diversity, with different colors and also it gave a cool tone, showing that I am usually very calm. I then decided to use glitter to show that I have some surprises in my that not everyone sees, and I have a pop of personality. I finally topped it off with a small drawing of a hedgehog looking completely clueless and pondering, which is what I think I do a lot in life, so it fit perfectly for me. I think I improved in ways of thinking outside the box, and also thinking about representation.

Some of the skills I learned in Ignite Week that will help me in the future is problem solving and efficiency. I learned that not everything can go according to plan, but maybe sometimes it’s a good thing, because you can learn how to make things better. Also, I still have some things on my shoe that aren’t perfect, but ironically, it’s perfect to be on my shoe, because it represents my IMperfections. I also learned about efficiency in Ignite Week, because when you work with other or by yourself, you need to learn how to be quick on your feet and get things done. A lot of things are given deadlines, and if you can’t learn to be ready and do things quickly (but well), then you’ll have trouble in the future, when you have jobs, or are doing projects.

Sunset Shoes

This ignite week, I created a pair of shoes that I designed myself. Some successes were the dog silhouettes, and the paint over the sharpie fail. Also, there were challenges. A challenge was getting the Sharpie marker to blend using rubbing alcohol.

For my L21 focus area, I chose the creativity and innovation process.  One area that I think I grew in is “I use ingenuity and imagination, going outside conventional boundaries, when shaping ideas into a product.” In develop and plan, you can see another model that was a possible design for me to use later on. That was what I would have normally done, but I decided to go outside boundaries and do something different.

In the future, the skill of designing something can help me if I needed to design something form scratch. For example, if I had a job that requires designing and carrying out that design the skill I learned this week will help me out.


During this project, we had to research about our product. Mine was Cheetos. For humanities, We learned about the three sustainability pillars. Equity, Environment, and Economy, and research about how our plastic is made, and many more questions to benefit our final narrative. For science, we learned about the periodic table, the different chemical formulas, and also researched another may of making our plastic. The final task we had to do was make a short documentary about the life of your plastic bad. Through this project, I learned many new things that I would never have known. This is a short video of “The Life of Chi Chi”

My Life As: A Post-it:Project Consume

This project focuses on how much plastic we consume, and how we are literally trashing the earth. we also learn how we can reduce waste and how we can see through the world using the three lenses of sustainability. along the way, we learn about the chemical composition of materials and chemistry to remake our chosen products packaging. we also revisit the art of creating narratives, doing improvise drama and learning how to do physical theater while maintain the focus through a first-person view of an object.

The overall product of this project is below.



Final Video for Project Consume

For this unit, I created many different pieces. I created 3 Narrative and a video. This project was fun but hard too. Make sure if you are in FA next year then you should spend your time wisely. This was a reflection that I wrote on the driving question: Sustainable choices are important because if we don’t make sustainable choices then we will all die. We need to make sustainable choices now before it’s to late. By too late I mean if we don’t do something then the Earth will die. Let our kids enjoy this world as we did. Don’t use plastic packaging use packaging that will decompose fast and that can be recycled. This is why sustainable choices are important and we should start making sustainable choices now before it’s too late.

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