Running in the hallways

We claimed that running in the hallway and tripping is related to the laws of motion. First, our victim, tom was running in the 6th-grade hallway, then a teacher stopped him. Because he was late for class so he ignored the teachers warning and continued running, but he ended up tripping and getting hurt. This relates to all Newton’s laws because it includes unbalanced force and inertia, acceleration and force, and, momentum and motion.

Marco Polo’s Changemaker

Project entrepreneur


This project was to use the principals of entrepreneur meet the needs of our local and global community. Our group was following the driving question, the Marco Polo Snack Bar is aware of not serving meat and no unhealthy ingredients like oil. What made us aware and engaged into the project is that there has been a hypothesis that many scientists made, our planet will run out of resources in around 85 years if we continually keep our consistent habits of wasting.

Throughout the project we had some problems, every process will have a problem point, our problem was that our group was slowly processing during planning, so the first day our group wasn’t able to sell one of our products, so then our group did terrible the first day of selling.

But then we have our successes, we were able to sell the missing product we weren’t able to sell in the first day, and the people who bought our products last bake sale came again, so it was slowly getting popular every few minutes. The most products we sold was our oreo milkshake. So then here come another problem, the third bake sale we weren’t able to sell much oreo milkshake because we didn’t have enough milkshake, and then there wasn’t much people coming to our snack bar.

Our group came to a conclusion that we definitely made a profit out of 2 of the sales. The first sale did not go too well, because our group thought that people weren’t reminded to bring their money and didn’t have anything to buy our product. But the rest was a success because that the other group that was selling bubble tea was gone, that was our observation.