Project Enable

Project Enable was about instead of curing a disability, we would try to help the person with the disease. We learned about genetics and the transferring of dominant and non-dominant traits as well as expanding our knowledge about.

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An Interactive Book

For this Ignite week, I created an interactive narrative about two siblings in the medieval times. Some of my successes were completing the book and findings relevant images that fit the book’s dialogue. I also met with some fifth graders and pitched my ideas to them. They really liked the story’s plot so that was definitely a huge success for me. My challenges were editing my pictures on to other pictures. It took me a very long time to get each image done because I had to make sure the foreground blended into the background for each image. My chosen L21 focus area was problem-solving and I feel that I have grown a lot in that area because every time it took me a few hours to work on each image I would take a deep breath and continue. Usually, I would be upset and want to give up but I’ve learned a lot from this experience. Problem-solving is crucial. We stumble upon it every day choosing from a hotdog or a salad for lunch but when we come across really hard problems that we just have to power through but can’t, we need to take a brain break and take a deep breath. Book Creator and SuperImpose helped me edit my images and write my interactive book. I think Book Creator could really help me in the future to write books digitally. Overall, my project was successful and I’m really happy with it!

To Express or not to Express, that is the question.

What did you create?

During Express It ignite week, along with the ensemble, we created three original pieces of theater. This included a dance, tableaus, and puppetry. The emoji dance is used to express our emotions and show that sometimes people keep their feelings hidden inside. The historical character tableaus is used to honor historical figure that have stood up and believed everyone should have the freedom of speech and to express themselves in different ways. Lastly, we created a puppetry piece which was similar to the tableaus. It included communicating the journey of a change maker. However, instead of using tableaus, we used puppetry to tell the story.

What were your successes?

We successfully devised pieces of theater using different elements such as narration, tableaus, movement, puppetry, etc. We were also able to quickly storyboard and create a creative piece in the limited time that was given.

What were your challenges?

Usually working with a group, there may sometimes be collaboration complications. However, due to the lack of time, we had to work at a quick pace and find the most efficient way to create a piece of theater. In fact, I think the limited time allowed us to work better as a group because ideas had to be thought up quickly and didn’t have much time to revise.

How did you grow in my chosen L21 focus area in this project? What evidence can you share of that?

Having to work with an ensemble, I had to use my collaboration skills. In order to communicate with the audience, we had to include components that would allow us to create an exciting piece and engage the audience.

What are some ways that the skill I learned during Ignite week would be of value to me in the future?

Obviously drama skills, but I also think I also improved my communication and collaboration skills to be able to express myself better. Throughout my journey in drama, I have grown so much, and this is just a piece of that journey.

The Life of Plastic Packaging

Throughout the project, we learned about the importance of sustainability and the results of  our use of plastic. We traced a product’s plastic packaging to see what happens during the lifetime of the plastic, including how it was made and the impacts on the world. The following video is about my product, a pack of Tim Tams. Hope you enjoy!

Disorientation – Project Consume

During this project, we chose a product in the beginning of the project, with mine being Skittles.

In humanities, we have evaluated the sustainability of a situation or product by using the three lenses, environment, economy, and equity and their impacts. Sustainability, unlike how I thought before, is a lot more than just about the environment. The economy and equity aspects are also worth considering, as it surprisingly changes the viewpoint of how sustainable the item or situation is. As well as evaluating the sustainability of something, we also wrote many narratives, following the life of inanimate objects. I also learned many surprising pieces of information, like how most companies realistically treated their workers. Following that, our class discussed the topic of consumerism and capitalism and source credibility when researching.

In science, we learned about the molecular structures of our product’s packaging and other things, as well as about simple and complex molecules. We also learned about how different materials and substances functioned when interacting with each other, therefore usually creating chemical changes, and much more.

The hardest part I found in this project was researching. Due to maintaining privacy, companies like to keep their information discreet, my answers, unfortunately, were vague, as I had to search on a broader level.

After this entire project, I have made the decision that sustainable choices are crucial. With the current rate of trash being produced, apocalyptic changes could be made to our environment, detrimental health issues and other problematic dangers could emerge, all to happen not long into the future. The problems are already starting to appear: pollution, animals deaths due to consumption of litter, human deaths because of pollution, ocean gyres, resource scarcity, global warming, climate change, etc. This led me to realize that if we don’t take action now, it will be too late. Making sustainable choices now can impact the future in a good way and give our future generations peace.

Below is a video I have created for the project.