Dramatic Drama

We directed and performed a drama. The name of it was “To __ or not to __”. The aim of this performance was to inspire people who are afraid to express their emotions. First, one of the group member suggested that we ought to dance. All of us agreed with her. What we chose for dance show was the emoji dance because we thought emojis are the best way to express our emotions. Then, We summarized the story of those distinguished people who fought against racism, like Malala and Gandhi. After that, there was a shadow puppetry show that was directed by 8th graders. At last, we filled in the blank of “To __ or not to __”, and everyone had said it out loud to the audiences.


I think my biggest success during this project was that I didn’t have many problems with communication. Since I am an EAL student, communicate with others will be pretty hard. there is one evidence that I can prove this. I answered more questions than the ignite project I was in before. Also, I think I was being confident at all, that was an improvement for me.


Since I’m an EAL student, the biggest challenge for me was to understand the question Mrs. Northcott was asking. Also, I could only use the simplest words to communicate because my lexile is extremely low.


In my chosen L21 focused area, I should be able to evaluate my peers and provide them feed back. I tried my best advice others, but even I couldn’t understand my advices. So I think there isn’t a lot of improvement in this L21 focused area.


The most valuable experience in this project was being confident. When we were doing our warm up exercise, there was a part that we should release our Chi. I thought that was embarrassing. But my peers didn’t think a lot of it, so I followed them. This exercise can definitely relates to other skills, like responding teachers’ questions. I don’t like to answer question because I don’t have confident. But when people around me are having some “wrong answers”, I feel like it doesn’t matter if your action is correct or not, if you don’t say it out, you don’t even have the chance to prove your answer.


NJR 11

The shoes that a started with were black and white Adidas Superstars. I wanted to use those because I think a lot of people wear them and that if I don’t make them different, it will just look very plain. That is how I created my special pair called “NJR 11”. First, I painted the shoes gold for about three layers. Second, I wrote on the outside part of the shoes with black sharpie to make them my favorite cars. Third I did the inside with my favorite football player: Neymar. Jr.  Fourth, I painted the souls of the shoes red and the front of it black. Fifth, I painted one yellow number one on each of the black fronts. Lastly, I fixed some small spots and painted some white liquid over each shoe to make the paint permanent and shiny. My successes were that all of the paint work very well and the shoes turned out better than I expected. But the challenges were that the borders of the two colors were hard to make it clean because the brush was very hard to keep it in the border. I think I grew in creativity because I put in nice colors and nice designs. I learned how to make my upcycled shoes into something way more special.

Only Hope…

I was in the ignite group “sweet kicks” so I created a pair of shoes that represented my mind and personality. The pair of shoes was covered with bright blue to represent the sky and some white that represents the clouds, and also some birds that bite leafs that represents hope, the main thinking of the pair of shoes is that I want the sky upon us to be the bright blue color, not the gray color, so the pair of shoes is for reminding people that the sky is turning gray! Help! Nature is dying! And I wrote only hope to let the people in Beijing relies on what they did wrong.

The successes that I have is that I made a pair of shoes that represented my mind and personality. And I successes that I got all the details right. My challenges are that when I tried to show the pollution in the pair of shoe’s “tongue” I failed, so I just showed “only hope” on the back of the shoes.

I chose creativity for my L21 focus area, I think I did good, first I made the design with some help, but still, I made the design with my own idea, and personality, second, I made two designs for my idea, and I went on to find ideas and feedbacks to choose the best one and create it, third, on my shoes, I let the birds on my shoes bite an olive leaf for hope to let the theme of my shoes stand out more. At last, I asked for feedback after the final product was made so I could get more ideas or more feedback on my shoes.

I think that I learned how to do things slow and gentle, on my design and my shoes, there were many parts that I needed to be gentle and slow, so I had to learn how to be patient when doing things, I think that patience would help me a lot in the future, I am a person that is really messy, gets mad easily, so I am not patience most of the times, I think that I learned something that is really useful to me.

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Plastic Free Week

Project Driving Question(s): How can we use evidence to make a positive impact on Beijing.
My reflection: I used to think that the water and air pollution in Beijing is not very bad and serious, but during science, humanities, and math I learned that the water and air pollution in Beijing is very bad and serious. At first we went to Wenyu river to collect garbage in science to see what garbage the neighborhood usually throws away or use. Then we went to Wenyu river again to collect water samples to test the water quality, and when the result came out, the water was deadly which surprised me because I didn’t’t expect it to be that bad and that made me realize that the water pollution is very serious. Then we wrote an essay about either air pollution or water pollution and before the essay, I researched a bunch of evidence to support my claim and from the evidence, when rainfall flows through plastic garbage pile water would absorb water soluble compounds which then together it would create a harmful stew called leachate, which would goes in streams, soils and our underground water which might harm the ecosystem, wildlife and even us. Which I used for my presentation so the evidence would be easy to get also, from that it make me more sure that the water pollution in Beijing is really bad and serious. Then in math, we did the AQI analysis for Beijing and that helped me realized how bad the air pollution in Beijing is. In this project the thing that challenged my thinking is that why would the water pollution and air pollution in Beijing is so bad and that other countries like America would be better.

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Beijing is Killing Me – No Really – It Is Killing Us

Project Driving Question: How can we evidence to make a positive impact on Beijing?

I used to think that the pollution problem wasn’t a really serious concern (by ”pollution problem” I mean both air pollution and water pollution in general), but now I realize that pollution is a serious issue and requires immediate solutions. For example, when we did the “AQI graph” activity in math/science class and received the data, I was utterly astonished, the statistics shows unbelievable numbers that legitimately shocked me. Also, when I was researching information for my argumentative essay on plastic, I was surprised (in a negative way) about how much plastic is thrown into the sea and landfills to pollute our planet.