Project Collision- PSA

My group improved safety at ISB by, showing second graders to use safe equipment when they play sport, so no injuries happen to them. I showed our PSA to my brother who is in that class and he said, the video showed him that this problem is very serious. When I showed this to their class they really enjoyed the video and they also learned some science too!


Scarlett O’Keefe

Don’t be a Phubber!

Driving Question: How do we use the laws of motion to improve safety?

First of all, our group made a PSA about phubbers slipping on a banana peel that’s been littered, for the PSA, we wanted to show that don’t be a phubber, don’t always look at your phone, things can’t rewind, the truth hurts…and we want to show that don’t litter not only that for the environment, it hurts the people around you. And then in the PSA, we add how did the person slip, and how did his head crack and all the things that could be described by Newton’s laws, and we all explained it by Newton’s all three laws. Then at last we presented to a fifth grade class and got advice. so the main thing we did to answer the driving question is that we used pubbers and the banana peel as an example for describing Newton’s laws, and we shared to get advise and shared to warn students.  

PSA: Kids Wear Your Helmets

How do we use the laws of motion to improve safety?

You might consider mentioning: What did you learn? What challenged you about this project? How did you try to improve safety at ISB?


I learned Newton’s three laws of motion

I thought it was difficult to understand Newton’s three laws of motion

I used to think riding a vehicle without a helmet was really fine but now I think without helmet is just suicide(but I don’t have a helmet in my house)

Unit 3: PSA + Driving Question Response

How do we use the laws of motion to improve safety?

You might consider mentioning: What did you learn? What challenged you about this project? How did you try to improve safety at ISB?

By understanding the basic laws of motion we can determine if the safety hazard is harmful with enough alacrity to prevent serious damage when making choices we can predict whether we should or shouldn’t. This unit I didn’t learn anything but whilst everyone else was learning the laws of motion I started to try and use different methods of cutting corners and use a vast variety of my knowledge to find things much more complicated and try some of my own predictions. The only thing that challenged me with this project was whenever I worked with a group they would never understand my ideas. This problem has plagued me for almost every project that gave us the freedom to “make our own” my teammates never understand ideas that are more complex and always end up not believing they will work.

Car Safety-Reflection

I learned that collaboration is very important when you are in a team. If we did a better job with collaboration, our work might have been better. Also, I learned that wearing a seatbelt while driving is important because, without a seatbelt, you will break out of the window and hit something beyond the car and it will end up you getting a serious damage. The challenges were that our group disagreed and that’s why we were late then everybody else. But we fixed the problem by discussing with each other in a polite because we were kind of rude to each other. The Newton’s Laws can explain and also alert people with safety restriction because, with scientific explanations, people might believe in it more. If we show a video about the car crashing into the wall and explain why people might get injured because of the Laws of Motion, people will agree and actually move on to action.


Entrepreneurship Project – PEELED「Part.2~」

Our initial intentions for the project was simple: earn some quick bucks, reduce environmental pollution, and to satisfy local and global needs. Through market research on our target audience, we catered our products to their preferences. Which lead to a dramatic increase in demand, creating an escalation in our benefits while cost was still kept low. Peeled is an organization that promotes the SDGs: Good Health and Well-Being, Quality Education, and Reduced Inequalities by contributing 100% of our profit to Smile Week.  In the process of this project, we strived to become social entrepreneurs, to create a better local and global community while satisfying yours and our needs.

Carnival’s Desire

The business we chose was full of potential-carnival game. This sounds a bit childish. After our research, we discovered that the demands of carnival games are frantically crazy. In our pitch, we mentioned that “an American spent above $1000 on carnival games”, which is a strong piece of evidence. The evidence proved that carnival games can actually get customers addicted. In our selling, we proved our prediction. On the first day, the price we set was quite high, it was ¥10 for one ring. Sounds outrageous, doesn’t it? Since we didn’t even know the demands, we were risking. The result turned out to be reasonable. After that day, we decreased the price. It was ¥10 for four rings. The income increased a lot. On the last day of sells, we raised the price of 3 rings but kept the 20 rings the same. The demand didn’t decrease despite we rose the price.


After the summarization of our selling experience, I would like to share more about our preparation. On the first four weeks, we were mostly just dawdling. On the fifth week, we finally finished planning. And then, we encountered another problem: JL and I get some conflicts on whether we should import stuffed toys or not. We’d been discussing this for a few days, then we both agreed on his plan. At last, everything emphasized he was shrewd.


Last but not least, let me tell you something about our desire. We realized that people need quality education because about 0.8 billion of children in the world don’t have a fair opportunity of education. Improving the quality of education could let children who were suffering in poverty get a decent job. The process may develop the economy of our world. On the other hand, some of the children might also be passionate about SDG, so they can support us to solve or meet all global need, in other words, we are making the world better. These are the reasons why our company chose to support world education.


Project entrepreneurship driving question (Suhan)

As you write your reflection, look back at your Sales Reflection. Consider using the vocabulary of entrepreneurship – some of them are:

We used to supply and demand to figure out witch price we should maintain to keep the supply and demand in equal value to raise money for March for life.

We used Market research to survey people to get to know which product people most liked. In our first survey we got bubble tea the most vote but at the final day of our bake sale Oreo milkshake was sold out in 10minutes and this helps us to raise our money for March for life.

Bobagiri Tree

As social entrepreneurs, Kate, Michael and I started a business called “Bobagiri Tree” (non- profit business). We used principles of entrepreneurship to meet a local and global need. We first had to combine our passions and skills to solve this meet this need. We all were interested in cooking, and enjoyed eating onigiri and bubble tea. Because our product was what we were skilled with and felt passionate about, when facing difficulties, it was easier for us to get over. Afterwards, we researched our customers and competitors to increase our odds of success. Since Marco Polo’s Snack Bar was also selling bubble tea as their product, we had to do more market research to figure out how we would be able to attract the customers in order to make our business successful. During our sale, we realized we had low supplies and high demand. Everything was sold out during the first day, so we decided to make 10-15 cups of bubble tea more on day 2 and day 3. Because we made more profit, we were able to donate more to Smile Week leading to social change.

At the end, by using the principles, our group was able to have an impact on SDGs (sustainable development goals) such as reducing inequality, quality education, good health and well being, and more. For this cause, we donated 100% of our profit to Smile Week babies with cleft palate for a better life with new family members.

Beginner Bakers: Reflection for Project Entrepreneurship

Driving Question: How do we use the principles of entrepreneurship to meet a local and global need?  What problems did you try to help solve?

In order to use the principles of entrepreneurship to meet a local and global need, we need to take each step seriously and efficiently. If you have an idea that you think your target customers might like, you have to have the evidence to prove that your idea is worth the time and the cost. So We made people take the survey and most of our customer said yes, they will buy our product so we knew that our product is good to go. Next, we had to think about our costs and benefits. We set up our price and we also calculated our estimated benefit every week to make sure that we won’t mess up. We also thought about our supply and demand. For example, how will our profit change when there is a competition and when there is not or will we mark up the price when there are more customers that are more interested in this specific product.  After that, we started thinking about more major things. We thought about what problem we would like to fix in the world. We chose three from Sustainable Development Goals and they were economy and job, hunger, education. To reach these goals and earn enough profit at the same time, We had to follow the rules that social entrepreneurs follow. After earning our final profit, we decided to donate them to donations called Smile Week and Kiva. Now we can make others dream come true and provide them with opportunities to be like us. In the end, we will be able to solve the problems that world has now.

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