Eating Utensils for Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disorder

During project Enable, we were tasked with the design challenge of enabling someone with a genetic disorder. Many people today suffer from disabilities, mostly caused by genetic disorders or diseases. Through science and innovation in technology, we created devices or ways that will better enable a person with a specific type of disorder. People with disabilities are often judged by others or called out and were made fun of. They shouldn’t be. Before designing a prototype, we learned about what caused these genetic disorders, and how do people get them. Genetic diseases are usually caused by inheriting from your parents or caused by a mutation in genes. The variation happens during protein synthesis and causes the protein to become abnormal. Inheritance pattern includes dominant, recessive and X-linked. Later, we selected one genetic disorder and did more thorough research on it. The chosen disease for me was Charcot-Marie-Tooth. It is caused by a duplication while transcribing the RNA for PMP-22 protein in chromosomes 17. We then identified daily challenges of someone with CMT, which included mobility and capability of carrying out fine motor skills depending on the severity. Next, we found inspiration and started prototyping. To address the problem, I created an eating utensil that enables them to eat with ease independently. Additionally, the tools are interchangeable allowing for easier travel. Through enabling them, we will enable them to live life independently and with better access to daily tasks.


Project Trade Up

For the project we studied and observed real-world economics and its effects on countries. We examined economics through multiple activities that related to real-world economics. an example of this is when we, in our groups, had a “trade conference”. In our trade conferences, we could set up bilateral and multilateral trade groups that would make a mutually beneficial impact on our civilizations. We could also set up sanctions and give other negative effects to opposing civilizations to grow our GDP by taking advantage of them.


The trade conference put our views on what we did in perspective because of how they related to very relevant problems. The connections between our groups and real civilizations changed how we looked at political relationships and the actions they take to survive and develop. We could play a more positive part in the real world of learning and understanding what and why we as “countries” did and how it later affected others and how it negatively or positively affected us.

Bubble Trouble

Today marks the end of our second project, Project Consume. During this project, the majority of the time was spent researching about a specific consumer product, specifically the life cycle. Most companies weren’t transparent and as a result making the research process more difficult. This project was about consumerism, sustainability, and perspective. We started this project by learning about the three lenses of sustainability: environment, economy, and equity. In addition, we learned about the product life cycle starting from extraction all the way to disposal. We also learned to evaluate the credibility of sources. In science, we learned about the different elements on the periodic table and the molecules that make up hydrocarbons. We also looked at alternative packagings and lastly, the guiding question “Is Sustainable Choices important?” I think sustainable choices are important for a very simple and straightforward reason: we cannot maintain our quality of life as human beings, the ability for life on Earth, or Earth’s ecosystems unless we comprise it.


Project Trade Up Reflection

During Project Trade Up, we learned about different aspects of society. From creating the society to building a sustainable economy, we completed various investigations, analysis and evaluation to gain knowledge and also develop a vision for our society. At the start of the project, we split into groups of four researching about geographic factors and historical precedent of our settlement location. Through this, we proposed a site for settlement of our community and determined the values of our community. Following, we learned about economic basics and decisions such as resources and trades needed to be made to allow for our society to strive. Lastly, we talked about the push and pull factors that impact the choice for immigration and the development of societies.

Societies meet their needs by understanding the values of the community, building a sustainable economy, and providing individuals with opportunities in the society. Besides, societies will trade with other countries to obtain resources they don’t have, which could help them develop over time. Trade conferences are happening around the world allowing for different countries to meet together and build economic relationships that are either beneficial or harmful. Benefits of economic relationship include having cheaper deals and easier negotiation, also, during war emergencies countries could bring support. Whereas toxic relationships involve creating sanctions and embargo against countries to hinder their development and possibly the survival of individuals in the society. Not every country is as developed as each other, but through relationships, they can improve and perhaps level with higher countries. Individuals can meet their needs by choosing a society that allows them to live sustainably and have a voice. Additionally, individuals can help the society strive by providing their expertise and contributing their skills to the society. Ultimately, both the society and individuals can meet their needs by making reasonable decisions and living sustainably.

Trade Up Reflection

The project involved us creating a society, and learning about everything that would happen in this society. For example, we learned about what it would be like to trade across the world, which was a great deal of importance in the unit, hence the name “Trade Up.”

The conference showed us how frustrating it can be to be excluded from trade. For example, North Korea now has no trade partners since China left them, which is similar to what happened with United. The only partner they had was Gondor, and they were forced to leave them after the negative reception. United was left alone with no people to trade with. The way we play a part is buying these goods that are traded. If China exports something to Canada and nobody ever buys it, what is the point in giving China something for selling nothing? If they were to trade with the United States for something the people actually buy, that would be a much more beneficial trade agreement than one with China.

Huck’s Japanese American Flag

I created a fusion between the Japanese flag and the American flag. I had the sun and white background of the Japanese and the stars of the American. I really got a lot of work done in the short time I had, but I was sick for half of it and did not finish, which was very upsetting. My L21 group was Innovation and Creativity, and I really had my creative juices flowing. I used my imagination to bring this idea to life and was very happy with it. And when people gave me suggestions, I was not afraid to at least test them out and see how it would add to the general design of my flag. Until now, I had never sewn before, so I grew a lot in that department. It was a really good experience. With this powerpoint, I showed the pictures of me working on the flag up until the date of the exhibition, showing what I could get done and how I did it.

Amazing Art

I created a pollution piece, that represented a factory, smoke, polluted water and a melting earth. My successes were that I succeeded in creating an elaborate design to make my melting earth and that I also succeeded in creating art using different types of materials. My challenges were that I did not have enough time or resources to make my art exactly as I had planned in, however, I did succeed in creating most of the things i had planned and improvised when I couldn’t follow my exact plan. I grew in my L21 focus area in this project because I had to think about how I could use “big” art to represent an important issue that I wanted to show to my audience. I also grew because I was working with a new material and I had to figure out how to solve problems that arose with the artwork. This will be valuable to me in the future because this will help me to be more open to working with new materials, trying new and unique things, and representing my thoughts by using unusual materials.

To Express or not to Express, that is the question.

What did you create?

During Express It ignite week, along with the ensemble, we created three original pieces of theater. This included a dance, tableaus, and puppetry. The emoji dance is used to express our emotions and show that sometimes people keep their feelings hidden inside. The historical character tableaus is used to honor historical figure that have stood up and believed everyone should have the freedom of speech and to express themselves in different ways. Lastly, we created a puppetry piece which was similar to the tableaus. It included communicating the journey of a change maker. However, instead of using tableaus, we used puppetry to tell the story.

What were your successes?

We successfully devised pieces of theater using different elements such as narration, tableaus, movement, puppetry, etc. We were also able to quickly storyboard and create a creative piece in the limited time that was given.

What were your challenges?

Usually working with a group, there may sometimes be collaboration complications. However, due to the lack of time, we had to work at a quick pace and find the most efficient way to create a piece of theater. In fact, I think the limited time allowed us to work better as a group because ideas had to be thought up quickly and didn’t have much time to revise.

How did you grow in my chosen L21 focus area in this project? What evidence can you share of that?

Having to work with an ensemble, I had to use my collaboration skills. In order to communicate with the audience, we had to include components that would allow us to create an exciting piece and engage the audience.

What are some ways that the skill I learned during Ignite week would be of value to me in the future?

Obviously drama skills, but I also think I also improved my communication and collaboration skills to be able to express myself better. Throughout my journey in drama, I have grown so much, and this is just a piece of that journey.

Hercules: 1st task

In this Ignite week, we were given some choices. I chose “One Beginning, Many Endings”. My choice for presenting my idea was to make a game using scratch to play the scenarios out. Most of the week was spent, programming the game. The last day and a half was getting the bugs out of the system. At the end of the week, the program ran very well, but there is still one major bug, and a 2-3 minor bugs.

Imperial March (The Remix)

I used my DJ Control compact to mix a song with different effects and a creative drum beat. That song is the Imperial March from Star Wars. My goal was to play that song and create a drum beat and play effects over it. I accomplished this through intense work and concentration.  I also used feedback to better my work. My L21 focuses were innovation and creativity. I  created a techno beat in garage band to add in the song. I then recorded it through my DJ Control Compact and mixed with effects and beats to make to mixed. This what I did over Ignite week.
Here is my powerpoint:
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