In this project I created a banner. Throughout all of this week I made a banner that was supposed to express me. For example the falcon in the middle was meant to show what my parents named me after and FINGO means to imagine or innovate in Latin, and this is what I want to do with my life. Through the week I learned to sew in two different ways, and also more about my classmates and I. A struggle that I had is that it was hard to have the sewing machine sew in a straight line.

To Express or not to Express, that is the question.

What did you create?

During Express It ignite week, along with the ensemble, we created three original pieces of theater. This included a dance, tableaus, and puppetry. The emoji dance is used to express our emotions and show that sometimes people keep their feelings hidden inside. The historical character tableaus is used to honor historical figure that have stood up and believed everyone should have the freedom of speech and to express themselves in different ways. Lastly, we created a puppetry piece which was similar to the tableaus. It included communicating the journey of a change maker. However, instead of using tableaus, we used puppetry to tell the story.

What were your successes?

We successfully devised pieces of theater using different elements such as narration, tableaus, movement, puppetry, etc. We were also able to quickly storyboard and create a creative piece in the limited time that was given.

What were your challenges?

Usually working with a group, there may sometimes be collaboration complications. However, due to the lack of time, we had to work at a quick pace and find the most efficient way to create a piece of theater. In fact, I think the limited time allowed us to work better as a group because ideas had to be thought up quickly and didn’t have much time to revise.

How did you grow in my chosen L21 focus area in this project? What evidence can you share of that?

Having to work with an ensemble, I had to use my collaboration skills. In order to communicate with the audience, we had to include components that would allow us to create an exciting piece and engage the audience.

What are some ways that the skill I learned during Ignite week would be of value to me in the future?

Obviously drama skills, but I also think I also improved my communication and collaboration skills to be able to express myself better. Throughout my journey in drama, I have grown so much, and this is just a piece of that journey.

Floating Islands

This week’s Ignite week project is Express It. For this unit, I chose Crazy Cool terrariums. Ignite week is a week where you work on a project you choose for an entire week. My idea was to make a terrarium that hangs, so I get a bit of a levitating feel.

I created a hanging terrarium. I was able to succeed on making the pot, but it was still challenging. I growed on creativity and innovation because I was the only person that made a hanging terrarium. I also grew in my problem solving skills.

Monstrous art

For my express it ignite week project, I drew on the egg chair in the nexus. My successes were that I finished everything I wanted to and for the most part, my Ignite Week went really smoothly. My challenges were that some of the big things I did were hard to film and paint how I wanted to, due to the size and shape. I grew in my L21 areas creativity and teamwork by exploring new artists and trying new types for art, like charcoal and helping the people in my ignite process with advice or just simply help move things around (big things are really hard to move around). Some of the ways that these skills I learned would help me is in drawing without a reference in the future, because I have a better idea of what my style is like.

Here a time lapse compilation of all my projects:

and here is my process journal:

Calm to Pumped

This is a summary of my experience during the Ignite Week Sound Art project.

Day 2
I worked on Creativity and Innovation because there is creativity and innovation needed to make a trap song out an alarm. This requires creativity because it is challenging to make a catchy song out of only alarms.

Day 3
Today I came up with my theme for the song which was the stress of waking up to an alarm. I adjusted to my theme by recording screams of pain and annoying noises. Not only that but I carried on my alarm beat from yesterday.

Day 4

Today I decided to change my song because I was not happy with it, I decided to go with the song “Don’t worry be happy”. I sought feedback from my mom to ask her if my alarm song was good and what should I change, she gave me some feedback and I applied that to my new song. This shows my innovation and willpower to be better.

Day 5
Today I finally finished my song added my finishing touches and I added some unique ideas such as repeating words to show creativity. I made a chill song into a trap music song, this shows how I broke the rules of making a song.

I decided to assess myself on the L21 criteria of Creativity and Innovation because I made lots of mistakes and to make up for those mistakes, I had to be creative. Also, Since I decided to make a remix of “Don’t worry be happy”, I had to be innovative to make a beat drop on a repetitive song so that it was not like any other song.

Declan PPT questions (Go Big or Go Home)

I created multiple art pieces that conveyed my own personality and style through the general structure of Shantell Martin and Heather Hansen.

one of my successes were my beginning pieces of art as they clearly convey a type of feeling, while including subtle hints of things that are not what they seem.

one of my challenges was the painting phase, as I was unable to do fine details, but I soon adapted to the new conditions and slowly started to learn the most efficient ways to convey feelings.

I grew in the L21 area, Creativity and innovation by including my own tidbits and Easter Eggs that express my feelings and creativity.

This skill will help me in the future by expanding my creativity and innovation skills so I can do innovate and create ideas efficiently.



This is my presentation


Big Art Meets Trash Can

During this ignite week ‘Express It’, I joined a project group called ‘Go Big or Go Home’. During this project, our main challenge was to create large pieces of art inspired by the two artists who are Shantell Martin and Heather Hanson. In this project, I created a large canvas drawing and also used another object, in my case a trash can, in order to practice Shantell Martin’s unique drawing style. Near the end of the project, our group went to the upper gallery and used our body’s motions and charcoal in order to make our own versions of Heather Hanson’s body art. To sum up, I was able to improve on combining my style of art with two different artists during this Ignite Week.

Jorge the Terrarium

During Ignite week, we created a terrarium using the laser cutter as our base. I worked together with Ava and Evan to create a pentagon-shaped terrarium, we covered up the edges with aluminum tape. We were successful in planting all the plants into the terrarium to fit them in. We had a few issues with trying to get the measurements of the pentagons, to solve this issue we used templates to perfect the pentagons. We chose creativity and innovation because this gave us an opportunity to make our terrarium stand out from others. During this ignite week, we learned to be incredibly careful when trying to make things neat and precise. We planned out every step to make sure it was perfect and correct.

Logo Kicks

I of created a pair specially designed basketball shoes that reflect my interests and personality. I painted and drew cars, drones, and soft drinks logos with acrylic  paint and sharpie.

My successes were:

  1. The logos that I drew were detailed and sharp, it would be recognizable from from a long distance, the colors that I used was eye-catching and made the shoes bright and beautiful.
  2. The way that I organized the brands so it was not overwhelming and did not look blank and plain.
  3. This pair of shoes that I customized show my interests and hobbies and reflect my personality. Anyone who looks at this pair of shoes would immediately known what kind of person I am and what I like to do in my spare time.
  4. The customization does not affect the comfort of the shoe


My challenges were:

  1. It was hard to draft the brands on the shoe, since the material of the shoe is canvas.
  2. It was hard to copy down the “exact” logo, I had difficulties with using acyrlic, sometimes I would paint out of the area that I wanted to paint. Also with sharpies, The ink usually get absorbed into the fabric and would spread out, the tip of the markers was too thick for the small details on the logos.

3.When I laced my shoes, the two signs beneath was mostly covered up


For this project, “Creativity & Innovation” is my L21 focus. I chose this because I thought I could better present “Creativity & Innovation”.

Ignite Project Driving Question: How can I create a pair of up-cycled and customized shoes to reflect an element of my personality?

By “reflecting an element of my personality”, this means in my own words: To use my creativity and passion to customize shoes that are unique to myself, I combined all of my interests and personalities together to redesign this pair of shoes, I was creative by using a combination acrylic paint and markers, I not only added logos but also colorful strips to brighten up my artwork. I think this would show a high standard of “Creativity & Innovation”. I think it would also show Innovation because I “redesigned” the brands and added new colors, I customized a pair of plain white shoes into something that is special for only me, I basically turned this pair of shoes into an artwork. I think this really shows “Creativity & Innovation”.


The skills I have learned during this Ignite week would help me be more creative and innovative in many ways. In future artworks, I would be able to combine my interests together and make an artwork that is unique yet reflects my interests and personality. I have also learned how the colors affect the appearance of the artwork. I have also learned that accuracy is also one of the main words to be successful, for example, when I painted the brands on my shoes, if I didn’t have accuracy, the artwork wouldn’t have turned out as well. The brands wouldn’t be recognizable and the colors would be mixed together.

Louis Vuitton X Supreme X Vans Custom

For my Sweet Kicks project, I created a Louis Vuitton X Supreme X Vans custom shoe, using techniques such as canvas painting, stenciling etc. In my project, I believe that it had a fair share of both successes and challenges, however, in the end, I believe that my finished project reached my level of expectation. Some successes that I experienced was creating the stencil, which I believed was going to pose the hardest challenge, and also my canvas painting, which I believed was neat and tidy. Some failures I experienced however, was the way I utilized the stencil, as I overlooked the difficulty in using a stencil, and the problems that can be created through trying to create an even coat of paint throughout the stencil. Because of this, I believe the level of quality my shoe possessed was dramatically reduced. My L21 focus area during this project was Creativity and Innovation Process, and I believe that I have greatly grown in every aspect that concerns this focus area. I believe that my creativity levels have increased greatly, not only due to the fact that creativity was the base of my idea, but also as creativity allowed me to find solutions to problems that I was faced with. Regarding the Innovation Process aspect, I believe that I learned how to create an efficient innovation and work process, allowing me to utilize time and create a better final product. I believe that my final product and my process pictures can be used as evidence of my claim, as it displays how I utilized this focus area to the maximum of my capabilities, and how I overcame the problems that I was faced with during the respective time period of this project. In this project, I believed that I have really explored the topic of shoe design, which is something that I had wished to explore before. Now that I have experienced what shoe design truly is, I believe I have learned many qualities that will be highly important to me in the future. Not only have I learned the basics and fundamentals to shoe designing, that may assist me in the future, but it has also taught patience, efficiency and problem-solving, which will be key in not only the future, but also in the present.