The Silver Horse

In Ignite week I made a banner that represents me to answer the design challenge. But I had some bumps on the road when I was making it such as when I was cutting out my horse I accidentally cut the hoof off and I had to restart. But it was not all bad, some of my success was my embroidery things, such as my moons and my symbols. Some of the skills in Ignite week I learned is how to sew and make a banner, this will be helpful in the future because if I need to sew I will already know how to do it. I grew in innovation because I feel like I know have the power to innovate and to do things.


In this project I created a banner. Throughout all of this week I made a banner that was supposed to express me. For example the falcon in the middle was meant to show what my parents named me after and FINGO means to imagine or innovate in Latin, and this is what I want to do with my life. Through the week I learned to sew in two different ways, and also more about my classmates and I. A struggle that I had is that it was hard to have the sewing machine sew in a straight line.

Imperial March (The Remix)

I used my DJ Control compact to mix a song with different effects and a creative drum beat. That song is the Imperial March from Star Wars. My goal was to play that song and create a drum beat and play effects over it. I accomplished this through intense work and concentration.  I also used feedback to better my work. My L21 focuses were innovation and creativity. I  created a techno beat in garage band to add in the song. I then recorded it through my DJ Control Compact and mixed with effects and beats to make to mixed. This what I did over Ignite week.
Here is my powerpoint:

Meme/Classical Music Mashup

This project definitely helped me to grow in the L21 aspect. I had a couple of goals in the past 5 days. My first L21 goal was to be creative, I was creative because I tried different instruments and decided which one was best. Also, I added a personal touch by adapting some notes and adding some backgrounds. I also successfully broke rules by putting annoying and chaotic sounds in my project. I added loud and annoying music to compare with the calm classical music. Also, I used the found sounds and edited them in my project. Therefore, I challenged myself to try different kinds of music and I also challenged myself to try new editing tools.

Painting For Passion

In this ignite week project, I was in Go Big or Go Home. I created several different paintings with different styles. Two of the paintings use the Shantell Martin style, and the other uses Heather Hanson style. My successes are that I was able to incorporate my own style into the Shantell Martin paintings and finish on time for the exhibition. Different challenges are that I wasn’t able to get ideas at one point and I got stuck working on my painting for a certain amount of time. I grew in my L21 skills by being able to communicate with my friends on different ideas, I was able to create different paintings with my creativity. Different successes are my paintings themselves because I spent time working on the paintings.

Louis Vuitton X Supreme X Vans Custom

For my Sweet Kicks project, I created a Louis Vuitton X Supreme X Vans custom shoe, using techniques such as canvas painting, stenciling etc. In my project, I believe that it had a fair share of both successes and challenges, however, in the end, I believe that my finished project reached my level of expectation. Some successes that I experienced was creating the stencil, which I believed was going to pose the hardest challenge, and also my canvas painting, which I believed was neat and tidy. Some failures I experienced however, was the way I utilized the stencil, as I overlooked the difficulty in using a stencil, and the problems that can be created through trying to create an even coat of paint throughout the stencil. Because of this, I believe the level of quality my shoe possessed was dramatically reduced. My L21 focus area during this project was Creativity and Innovation Process, and I believe that I have greatly grown in every aspect that concerns this focus area. I believe that my creativity levels have increased greatly, not only due to the fact that creativity was the base of my idea, but also as creativity allowed me to find solutions to problems that I was faced with. Regarding the Innovation Process aspect, I believe that I learned how to create an efficient innovation and work process, allowing me to utilize time and create a better final product. I believe that my final product and my process pictures can be used as evidence of my claim, as it displays how I utilized this focus area to the maximum of my capabilities, and how I overcame the problems that I was faced with during the respective time period of this project. In this project, I believed that I have really explored the topic of shoe design, which is something that I had wished to explore before. Now that I have experienced what shoe design truly is, I believe I have learned many qualities that will be highly important to me in the future. Not only have I learned the basics and fundamentals to shoe designing, that may assist me in the future, but it has also taught patience, efficiency and problem-solving, which will be key in not only the future, but also in the present.

A Cool, Sparkly, and Relatable Explosion

I created shoes that I thought represented my personality as well as my creativity.

Some of my successes were the overall looks, and my time management. At first, I didn’t think it would look very good but I made some iterations and problem solved. I also feel that I worked very efficiently and finished my product in three days but still took time to do each of my steps carefully. I also think I did well with the glitter, because the lines came out very smooth, and it gave my shoes a little pop, kind of like a little pop of personality.

One of my challenges was when my sharpie colors didn’t blend. According to the video I watched. You use the sharpie colors you want and draw all over the shoe. When you’re done, then you use alcohol and it will all blend together. The alcohol must not have been strong enough because when I used the alcohol on my shoe, it only blended slightly. This left me with black, green, and blue streaks and marks that were obvious they were not meant to be there. Luckily, I problem solved and did differently on my other shoe and used a little alcohol after a few colors, and only used three colors that would blend together well. When my “bad” shoe dried a did another layer of sharpie that I did on my second shoe and it looked slightly better. You could still see some of the old marks but the shoes looked more like a pair.

I think I grew in my L21 focus area by making sure I chose the best model to prototype. I had a difficult time choosing between my two designs, but I thought back to the design challenge and question and I thought about which one really answered it more. I talked about appearance and also representation and finally decided on the galaxy one. I felt that one showed some diversity, with different colors and also it gave a cool tone, showing that I am usually very calm. I then decided to use glitter to show that I have some surprises in my that not everyone sees, and I have a pop of personality. I finally topped it off with a small drawing of a hedgehog looking completely clueless and pondering, which is what I think I do a lot in life, so it fit perfectly for me. I think I improved in ways of thinking outside the box, and also thinking about representation.

Some of the skills I learned in Ignite Week that will help me in the future is problem solving and efficiency. I learned that not everything can go according to plan, but maybe sometimes it’s a good thing, because you can learn how to make things better. Also, I still have some things on my shoe that aren’t perfect, but ironically, it’s perfect to be on my shoe, because it represents my IMperfections. I also learned about efficiency in Ignite Week, because when you work with other or by yourself, you need to learn how to be quick on your feet and get things done. A lot of things are given deadlines, and if you can’t learn to be ready and do things quickly (but well), then you’ll have trouble in the future, when you have jobs, or are doing projects.

Only Hope…

I was in the ignite group “sweet kicks” so I created a pair of shoes that represented my mind and personality. The pair of shoes was covered with bright blue to represent the sky and some white that represents the clouds, and also some birds that bite leafs that represents hope, the main thinking of the pair of shoes is that I want the sky upon us to be the bright blue color, not the gray color, so the pair of shoes is for reminding people that the sky is turning gray! Help! Nature is dying! And I wrote only hope to let the people in Beijing relies on what they did wrong.

The successes that I have is that I made a pair of shoes that represented my mind and personality. And I successes that I got all the details right. My challenges are that when I tried to show the pollution in the pair of shoe’s “tongue” I failed, so I just showed “only hope” on the back of the shoes.

I chose creativity for my L21 focus area, I think I did good, first I made the design with some help, but still, I made the design with my own idea, and personality, second, I made two designs for my idea, and I went on to find ideas and feedbacks to choose the best one and create it, third, on my shoes, I let the birds on my shoes bite an olive leaf for hope to let the theme of my shoes stand out more. At last, I asked for feedback after the final product was made so I could get more ideas or more feedback on my shoes.

I think that I learned how to do things slow and gentle, on my design and my shoes, there were many parts that I needed to be gentle and slow, so I had to learn how to be patient when doing things, I think that patience would help me a lot in the future, I am a person that is really messy, gets mad easily, so I am not patience most of the times, I think that I learned something that is really useful to me.

Video link:

Up-cycled Furniture – Bean Bag Chair

During Ignite week, I created a wooden chillax corner that can help me become comfortable along with a beanbag chair so that its not very hard, and that it can add some softness. My beanbag chair was a success, even though it kind of ended being a giant pillow, but my wooden part of the project was not. I used some wood from home to make the back/leaning part of the “corner”, but I ran out of wood and it kind of ended up really small (but I can still fit myself in there). One of my challenges that i had to encounter, was time. I used up a lot of time just goofing around with my friends and not focusing, and time was almost up for the project, I had no time to get more wood, or any other materials. I learned more about how to take things apart and then making them into a whole new thing is just a week, and that how hard it is to focus and finish all of it on time. I can use the skills that I have learned during Ignite Week in the future when my boss or someone else suddenly throw a project or job to do, I can be comfortable, and know that I should focus and not be off task.

Writing A 101% Perfect Book

I made a picture book to capture the attention of younger students around KG, called “MY 101% PERFECT BOOK”, about an elephant named Bob, who wants his book to go all his way, but the reader keeps messing it up.  He gets really angry. He wants it to be just his and just his way, but when he starts to think, he realizes reader’s ideas aren’t actually so bad.


I was able to teach a lesson in the story, but still make it engaging. I was teaching that it’s not all about you and that other people’s ideas make your ideas even better, a thing most little kids don’t realize. They tend to want to be in charge, and make it all about them, and I succeeded to teach them that’s not how it has to be. I also seceded to make a deluge where the character is interacting with the reader which is really hard to pull off. Questions are the key, like,” what? You want me to turn the page? Well okay…”, and repetition because the reader already knows and understands.


I found it challenging to make the the illustrations, and the emotions of the characters. I wanted to show more in the pictures than in the words, but I don’t exactly think I did that. I think my illustrations where okay though! I also thought it challenging to make it look like a crayon drew some things, and photo shopping crayons into the image, using different media. There was no crayon option, so I had to be creative and instead I used dots.


My L2 project was creativity. I thought I improved in that area because I was able to use a speech of writing where the writer was communicating with the reader, which is really unique and really hard to pull off, and took some really creative thinking. Also, my images start out black and white expect for the character and the “reader” makes it more colorful little by little which I felt was really creative to the theme that others ideas only make your ideas more interesting and better.


A skill I learned from making a book ignite week was how to really engage and teach little kids. This is a great skill in life, especially because I have little brothers and sisters, and may have children of my own someday, or be a teacher. This also means I can teach real life problems in a simple way that everyone can understand though a story, which will also get me a lot further in life. I can teach people of all ages important life lessons.

Link to Process Journal:


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