To Express or not to Express, that is the question.

What did you create?

During Express It ignite week, along with the ensemble, we created three original pieces of theater. This included a dance, tableaus, and puppetry. The emoji dance is used to express our emotions and show that sometimes people keep their feelings hidden inside. The historical character tableaus is used to honor historical figure that have stood up and believed everyone should have the freedom of speech and to express themselves in different ways. Lastly, we created a puppetry piece which was similar to the tableaus. It included communicating the journey of a change maker. However, instead of using tableaus, we used puppetry to tell the story.

What were your successes?

We successfully devised pieces of theater using different elements such as narration, tableaus, movement, puppetry, etc. We were also able to quickly storyboard and create a creative piece in the limited time that was given.

What were your challenges?

Usually working with a group, there may sometimes be collaboration complications. However, due to the lack of time, we had to work at a quick pace and find the most efficient way to create a piece of theater. In fact, I think the limited time allowed us to work better as a group because ideas had to be thought up quickly and didn’t have much time to revise.

How did you grow in my chosen L21 focus area in this project? What evidence can you share of that?

Having to work with an ensemble, I had to use my collaboration skills. In order to communicate with the audience, we had to include components that would allow us to create an exciting piece and engage the audience.

What are some ways that the skill I learned during Ignite week would be of value to me in the future?

Obviously drama skills, but I also think I also improved my communication and collaboration skills to be able to express myself better. Throughout my journey in drama, I have grown so much, and this is just a piece of that journey.

Monstrous art

For my express it ignite week project, I drew on the egg chair in the nexus. My successes were that I finished everything I wanted to and for the most part, my Ignite Week went really smoothly. My challenges were that some of the big things I did were hard to film and paint how I wanted to, due to the size and shape. I grew in my L21 areas creativity and teamwork by exploring new artists and trying new types for art, like charcoal and helping the people in my ignite process with advice or just simply help move things around (big things are really hard to move around). Some of the ways that these skills I learned would help me is in drawing without a reference in the future, because I have a better idea of what my style is like.

Here a time lapse compilation of all my projects:

and here is my process journal:

Calm to Pumped

This is a summary of my experience during the Ignite Week Sound Art project.

Day 2
I worked on Creativity and Innovation because there is creativity and innovation needed to make a trap song out an alarm. This requires creativity because it is challenging to make a catchy song out of only alarms.

Day 3
Today I came up with my theme for the song which was the stress of waking up to an alarm. I adjusted to my theme by recording screams of pain and annoying noises. Not only that but I carried on my alarm beat from yesterday.

Day 4

Today I decided to change my song because I was not happy with it, I decided to go with the song “Don’t worry be happy”. I sought feedback from my mom to ask her if my alarm song was good and what should I change, she gave me some feedback and I applied that to my new song. This shows my innovation and willpower to be better.

Day 5
Today I finally finished my song added my finishing touches and I added some unique ideas such as repeating words to show creativity. I made a chill song into a trap music song, this shows how I broke the rules of making a song.

I decided to assess myself on the L21 criteria of Creativity and Innovation because I made lots of mistakes and to make up for those mistakes, I had to be creative. Also, Since I decided to make a remix of “Don’t worry be happy”, I had to be innovative to make a beat drop on a repetitive song so that it was not like any other song.

Ignite CYO Narrative Andy

During the process of this Ignite Week, I got to experience and do many things that I wouldn’t have done otherwise. For example, I got to read a bunch of intriguing choose your own adventure books, and actually managed to finish one. We got to see past projects, and base our stories off them. The application I used was called “Twine”, which I had used before, but nothing to this scale. In this one short week, I got to creating an fun, compelling universe, all in the form of a story. I think the hardest parts were finishing all the storylines, since they branched off often, and it was hard to not overcomplicate things. But, in the end, it was all very fun.

Terra Fatty Terrarium

As the second ignite week i learned a lot from this project and our group collaborated really well. We made a terrarium that is kinda cubed shape with a cuted of edge. It was water proof and held three types of plants edged with aluminum tape. We had challenge with getting rid of and covering access glue gun glue. For my L21 focus area Creativity and Innovation I changed/ redesigned a design when i redesigned I think I was creative. In the future I can use my knowledge to make innovative terrarium

To educate or not to educate

My Ignite Week Project was to create a devising piece of theater to the prompt, To___or not to ___ that is the question. I was with a group of 13 students, and we managed to achieve our goal. We created a devising piece of theater that included a dance, a shadow puppet scene, some scenes of famous people and a video showing some of the things that a normal middle school student struggle to talk about. Some of the challenges that we had were remembering what to do. I was sick for 2 days, which wasn’t good for the entire cast. I think that the biggest struggle was trying to remember the dance. The dance was something that a student had created especially for this, so it was easy. However, sometimes I would get off the beat and that would throw me off what I was doing. I think that some people struggled more with this then me, but we all figured it out in the end. The skill that I chose was communication and collaboration. I grew in this skill, because I had to communicate my ideas to the rest of the cast. I also had to collaborate with everybody else, because if I didn’t then we would just be fighting and get nowhere. I can use this skill later on in life, because I will have to collaborate with people in the future, not only for a job but also so that I can work together with the people in my office. This is how I can use this valuable skill in later life.

Ignite Memory Lane

On the first and second day, we voted what kind of plan we were going to use and where we will put the design. So, we picked out a design that is kind of like a timeline. Also, we split up in to3 different groups, the builder, the visual artists, and the Historian. I was in the visual artist’s group, my group and I planned where the memory wall was going to be. After we marked where we wanted to put screws in. We painted triangles to put more colors on the memory wall. After that, we colored the wall white to get some of the black spots off. Then we put the twine onto the memory wall, after that we printed some pictures and put them on the wall.
Some challenges that the visual artist encounter is that when we wanted to double layering the paint after the screws were in. because the screws were blocking the tape. Some success is that the paint looks very good on the wall even without the twine. I grew in innovation and creativity by making the ruler stick pencil marker and the paintbrush stick. I learned that with friends and groups we could finish a lot before the deadline and partners could help double check your work before you start to paint.

Solar powered grocery go-kart

I created a solar-powered grocery go-kart. Unlike I predicted we finished the prototype after all kinds of challenges and impossible barriers. We finished the wiring of the solar panels, and also made the car move. But after all these successes, everyone has failures during this process. The one for TK and I  is that we couldn’t make it into a real size car. Our focus area of the L21 is:  “I understand the purpose driving my process of innovation and can develop insight about the particular needs and interests of my target audience.” The evidence of this is before this project, I interviewed several people: My mom, my nanny, and driver… Most of them had the same response; they all thought to buy groceries and to carry them is a pain in the butt. So I achieved these points below: 1. think it is really important to have a purpose of the project. 2. Also, We have to have an audience A.K.A people who share the same problems as us.3. And lastly, we have to fulfill our audiences’ needs. Finally, the most important thing I learned in this ignite week is there are infinite paths in life, if one path is a dead end, use the other path and run the success. In other words, never give up, don’t run away from challenges, run towards it.

Eye Can See

We worked together to create a special hat by using Arduino parts, reiterating an existing design and improving it to suit our need. This hat helps blind people walk independently and know what is in front of them. After designing, programming, and creating the hat, we test it on ourselves and others.


Having lived in China a few years, we realized that we could see very few blind people, because of the dangers that the outside world presented to them. This ignited our project, and inspired us to create the device that we did.


Throughout the process, we ran into many challenges, and learned a lot through them. For example, one challange that we faced was that the device would be very noticable, thus we needed to improve the presentation aspect of the device. Overall, we grew in our ability to solve problems, and think critically.


If we were to do this again, we would create a plan in advance, to save time, and actually start working the day the project commences. 




Amanda Aldan, Playlist project

This is a video including the narration of the story of Amanda Aldan, including a background music. The story may be modified to fit the school’s rule. The video is created by David W, Ryan C, and Jeremy Y.

We chose to make this project because the three of us liked music, so we wanted to work on something related to music. Since Jeremy Y, will be leaving this year, we thought maybe about something related to the pain of leaving the friends. Slowly, it changed into a wider topic, the how to overcome people’s pain. We found the story of Amanda Aldan on the internet and felt like it is a unique story. It includes a lot of varieties of pain that people can be experiencing, so we took it, modified it, and added a background music to it.

Though we did pretty good, we should have had the piano section of the music recorded first, since we found out that the drum didn’t go well with the piano, and had to remove it.

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