Make a Moment 2017 – Make a Book

I created an iMovie of the project “Make a Book” with my partner May, about the process of making a picture book for the kindergarten kids so that they would have a memorable video to look back to in the future.

My successes were that we improved a lot on our photography skills with the techniques that Mr. Mo and Shawn taught us about including the rule of thirds and not to have dead spaces and the main focus of the shot. Also, I think that we did a very good job on the movement of the camera while filming. Plus, we have a good time on our iMovie that is not that long, but not that short at the same time. But the biggest success was that we had a good interview to add shots from Mr. Q.

My challenges were that there wasn’t much time to make a good video since we only had a week to finish the whole video which also included filming, recording, and editing. We also needed to focus on the quality of the films and shots since we talked about dead spaces and about the rule of thirds, so we needed to do these things to make the iMovie look interesting so that the audience would like to watch. Lastly, we needed to control the volume of the clips, the music in the background, and the interview audio.

I have grown in Communication and Collaboration in this project because we made sure to listen to each other’s ideas and see how er can fit it into our iMovie, and we made sure that both of us were heard. Also, I respect my partner’s perspectives and I gave useful feedback so we could improve our work and shots of objects, and I also got feedback from May as well that helped me. I also used technology tools to manage my projects tasks since we had discussed who was doing what.

The skills I learned during Ignite Week would be of value to me in the future because I could use all the techniques I learned during this project in a different project in the future when filming another thing. Also, I could use these skills normally when taking photos and videos just outside of school and the rule of thirds would really help me when taking photos on trips to other places. In addition, I could show them to my family to make me look kind of like a pro.

Make a Moment Memory Lane

What did you create?

Along with my partner Hope, we documented the process of “Memory Lane” during ignite week. This project captured the essence of the FA community and showcased.

What were your successes?

We created a decent and appealing video with professional shots and editing. As a group, we collaborated really well and split the work evenly. Our main success was finishing everything and creating good quality content in 1 week.   

What were your challenges?

As a group, Hope and I encountered little to no challenges during the process. We had to plan out our schedule pretty thoroughly to finish our tasks in a limited amount of time. Since we worked with a lot of technology, we also had to be careful and be aware of technical difficulties.

How did you grow in my chosen L21 focus area in this project? What evidence can you share of that?

I chose to focus on Creativity and Innovation part of the L21 focus area. Throughout the project, I improved my video taking and editing skills. Both the filming and editing process required creativity. I used different tools to capture stabilized and smooth footage and transitions. I also use audio technology and lighting to achieve video with isolated audio and quality interviews. I received feedback and improved my video. Hope and I worked hard to make the video as aesthetically pleasing and stabilized as possible. We are both delighted with our end product.

What are some ways that the skill I learned during Ignite week would be of value to me in the future?

During ignite week, I have learned so many cinematography and editing skills and became more familiarized in skills to make a professional video. This could help me a lot in Futures Public Radio, and the next time I need to create or capture a video.