Ignite Memory Lane

On the first and second day, we voted what kind of plan we were going to use and where we will put the design. So, we picked out a design that is kind of like a timeline. Also, we split up in to3 different groups, the builder, the visual artists, and the Historian. I was in the visual artist’s group, my group and I planned where the memory wall was going to be. After we marked where we wanted to put screws in. We painted triangles to put more colors on the memory wall. After that, we colored the wall white to get some of the black spots off. Then we put the twine onto the memory wall, after that we printed some pictures and put them on the wall.
Some challenges that the visual artist encounter is that when we wanted to double layering the paint after the screws were in. because the screws were blocking the tape. Some success is that the paint looks very good on the wall even without the twine. I grew in innovation and creativity by making the ruler stick pencil marker and the paintbrush stick. I learned that with friends and groups we could finish a lot before the deadline and partners could help double check your work before you start to paint.

Memory of FA

What did you create?

We are making the memory lane/wall so the main matter of the memory wall is to let us and the people that come into FA know what we are doing and what we did before. My group made and design some woodwork that supports the memory wall, like the year sign that tells others where are the pictures for this-this year, and these are the pictures for that year. Also, we made and designed some shadow boxes for putting the object that we are going to put on. The group that I am in is the builders’ group so what we really do is make the things that the other groups wanted to use to make to let the memory wall be more interesting

.What were your successes?

The successes that I made is that I made or designed things that I had never learned so that I know more things that I had never know. When I see the things that I designed or the things that I created then I would feel really happy, because I put many efforts on it so obviously I would protect it and when I am protecting it I would not let it break or hurt so then it would be more fine for looking at.What were your challenges?

The challenges that I had during my proses are arguments. Because when we are making things or designing things there would be different ideas so that makes arguments. When there are some arguments the proses would always take a long time to finish, so that is a challenge, when arguments appear there would be less time for workingHow did you grow in my chosen L21 focus area in this project? What evidence can you share of that?

I grow in Creativity and Innovation because I designed the laser cutter thigs by myself, and also the shadow box, is designed by me and my teammates, so I think that I had growth at this point.What are some ways that the skill I learned during Ignite week would be of value to me in the future?

During ignite week I learned how to laser cut things, oh, also I learned how to design the laser cutting things, especially wood made stuff. So in the future, if I need to use the laser cut again then I would be really prepared to do it.