Bubble Trouble

Today marks the end of our second project, Project Consume. During this project, the majority of the time was spent researching about a specific consumer product, specifically the life cycle. Most companies weren’t transparent and as a result making the research process more difficult. This project was about consumerism, sustainability, and perspective. We started this project by learning about the three lenses of sustainability: environment, economy, and equity. In addition, we learned about the product life cycle starting from extraction all the way to disposal. We also learned to evaluate the credibility of sources. In science, we learned about the different elements on the periodic table and the molecules that make up hydrocarbons. We also looked at alternative packagings and lastly, the guiding question “Is Sustainable Choices important?” I think sustainable choices are important for a very simple and straightforward reason: we cannot maintain our quality of life as human beings, the ability for life on Earth, or Earth’s ecosystems unless we comprise it.


My Life As: A Post-it:Project Consume

This project focuses on how much plastic we consume, and how we are literally trashing the earth. we also learn how we can reduce waste and how we can see through the world using the three lenses of sustainability. along the way, we learn about the chemical composition of materials and chemistry to remake our chosen products packaging. we also revisit the art of creating narratives, doing improvise drama and learning how to do physical theater while maintain the focus through a first-person view of an object.

The overall product of this project is below.



The Life of Plastic Packaging

Throughout the project, we learned about the importance of sustainability and the results of  our use of plastic. We traced a product’s plastic packaging to see what happens during the lifetime of the plastic, including how it was made and the impacts on the world. The following video is about my product, a pack of Tim Tams. Hope you enjoy!

I Wish I was Made to Die

Driving question: Are sustainable choices important?

During this Project, I learned that sustainable choices are important. This is important because when something that is not sustainable it could affect the world in many different ways like killing animals. This could affect things that you don’t see like peoples health and sea animals eating the plastic because plastic can’t decomposes anytime soon the animals think they are full and die of starvation.

Disorientation – Project Consume

During this project, we chose a product in the beginning of the project, with mine being Skittles.

In humanities, we have evaluated the sustainability of a situation or product by using the three lenses, environment, economy, and equity and their impacts. Sustainability, unlike how I thought before, is a lot more than just about the environment. The economy and equity aspects are also worth considering, as it surprisingly changes the viewpoint of how sustainable the item or situation is. As well as evaluating the sustainability of something, we also wrote many narratives, following the life of inanimate objects. I also learned many surprising pieces of information, like how most companies realistically treated their workers. Following that, our class discussed the topic of consumerism and capitalism and source credibility when researching.

In science, we learned about the molecular structures of our product’s packaging and other things, as well as about simple and complex molecules. We also learned about how different materials and substances functioned when interacting with each other, therefore usually creating chemical changes, and much more.

The hardest part I found in this project was researching. Due to maintaining privacy, companies like to keep their information discreet, my answers, unfortunately, were vague, as I had to search on a broader level.

After this entire project, I have made the decision that sustainable choices are crucial. With the current rate of trash being produced, apocalyptic changes could be made to our environment, detrimental health issues and other problematic dangers could emerge, all to happen not long into the future. The problems are already starting to appear: pollution, animals deaths due to consumption of litter, human deaths because of pollution, ocean gyres, resource scarcity, global warming, climate change, etc. This led me to realize that if we don’t take action now, it will be too late. Making sustainable choices now can impact the future in a good way and give our future generations peace.

Below is a video I have created for the project.