Eating Utensils for Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disorder

During project Enable, we were tasked with the design challenge of enabling someone with a genetic disorder. Many people today suffer from disabilities, mostly caused by genetic disorders or diseases. Through science and innovation in technology, we created devices or ways that will better enable a person with a specific type of disorder. People with disabilities are often judged by others or called out and were made fun of. They shouldn’t be. Before designing a prototype, we learned about what caused these genetic disorders, and how do people get them. Genetic diseases are usually caused by inheriting from your parents or caused by a mutation in genes. The variation happens during protein synthesis and causes the protein to become abnormal. Inheritance pattern includes dominant, recessive and X-linked. Later, we selected one genetic disorder and did more thorough research on it. The chosen disease for me was Charcot-Marie-Tooth. It is caused by a duplication while transcribing the RNA for PMP-22 protein in chromosomes 17. We then identified daily challenges of someone with CMT, which included mobility and capability of carrying out fine motor skills depending on the severity. Next, we found inspiration and started prototyping. To address the problem, I created an eating utensil that enables them to eat with ease independently. Additionally, the tools are interchangeable allowing for easier travel. Through enabling them, we will enable them to live life independently and with better access to daily tasks.


Project Enable

Project Enable was about instead of curing a disability, we would try to help the person with the disease. We learned about genetics and the transferring of dominant and non-dominant traits as well as expanding our knowledge about.

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