Plastic Free Week

Project Driving Question(s): How can we use evidence to make a positive impact on Beijing.
My reflection: I used to think that the water and air pollution in Beijing is not very bad and serious, but during science, humanities, and math I learned that the water and air pollution in Beijing is very bad and serious. At first we went to Wenyu river to collect garbage in science to see what garbage the neighborhood usually throws away or use. Then we went to Wenyu river again to collect water samples to test the water quality, and when the result came out, the water was deadly which surprised me because I didn’t’t expect it to be that bad and that made me realize that the water pollution is very serious. Then we wrote an essay about either air pollution or water pollution and before the essay, I researched a bunch of evidence to support my claim and from the evidence, when rainfall flows through plastic garbage pile water would absorb water soluble compounds which then together it would create a harmful stew called leachate, which would goes in streams, soils and our underground water which might harm the ecosystem, wildlife and even us. Which I used for my presentation so the evidence would be easy to get also, from that it make me more sure that the water pollution in Beijing is really bad and serious. Then in math, we did the AQI analysis for Beijing and that helped me realized how bad the air pollution in Beijing is. In this project the thing that challenged my thinking is that why would the water pollution and air pollution in Beijing is so bad and that other countries like America would be better.

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Stop Using One Use Plastic

The Project Impact Beijing question that we had to answer was “How can we use evidence to make an impact on Beijing?” My answer was:

I think that using evidence we can have a positive impact on Beijing, because if we show people that 100,000 animals are dying each year, and that those are the only ones that are found, then they can start to see how serious this is. If these people also see that all of the garbage goes into a landfill, and that we are contributing to water pollution, then they can see that this is a major issue. The evidence can be used against people, and to persuade them that this is a major issue, which is why we can use evidence to make a positive impact on Beijing.


The Plastic Fish

Project Driving Question: How can we use evidence to make a positive impact on Beijing?

My Answer: I think we should ban materials that are made out of plastics, because it is ruining our environment. Evidence: “There are many animals killed from single-use plastics and plastics bags, so humans preparing for non-plastic bags.”, “About 44 percent of all seabirds eat plastic, apparently by mistake, sometimes with fatal effects. And 267 marine species are affected by plastic garbage—animals are known to swallow plastic bags, which resemble jellyfish in mid-ocean.” So I think we should ban plastic materials.

Beijing is Killing Me – No Really – It Is Killing Us

Project Driving Question: How can we evidence to make a positive impact on Beijing?

I used to think that the pollution problem wasn’t a really serious concern (by ”pollution problem” I mean both air pollution and water pollution in general), but now I realize that pollution is a serious issue and requires immediate solutions. For example, when we did the “AQI graph” activity in math/science class and received the data, I was utterly astonished, the statistics shows unbelievable numbers that legitimately shocked me. Also, when I was researching information for my argumentative essay on plastic, I was surprised (in a negative way) about how much plastic is thrown into the sea and landfills to pollute our planet.