Project Trade Up Reflection

In our most recent project, Trade Up, we learned several different aspects ranging from requirements for a sustainable society, all the way to how different trade systems work to provide each community with friendship or hatred towards each other. Digging deeper into each subject, we finished several investigations, analysis, and different evaluations to deepen our understanding. We created different sights on how our society and community would work and look like. However, we would have minor setbacks sometimes. For example, we find out that some of our alliances were very far away to trade with it made it very hard for our group to analyze the situation trying to waste the least amount of resources we own. We were put into different groups, and we were given a spot for our society, this gave us the opportunity to find out more about how we can make our community thrive. We then set up a location in our location our group all agreed on and developed the village. Lastly, we learned about different good and bad factors that can change plans for immigration and how to development of societies.


During Project Trade Up, our driving questions were “How do societies meet their needs?” And “How do individuals meet their needs?” My understanding after this project is that societies meet their needs by sacrificing what is required to help the citizens so that the citizens can build up the community into a happier, better, and more secure place to live. However, to meet individuals need is different, people may rely on others just to get what they want and not what the whole needs. That may not be all bad because an individual might need more of something than another in different situations. In several circumstances throughout this project, I was able to see how one society would obtain their needs. During the trade conference, our group formed alliances with other communities relying on the resources we got from this. Thus, we are sacrificing our resources to trade with them getting resources that we need. I understand the two driving questions because of what we learned throughout the project, and I was able to find many different connections during project Trade up.

Trade Up Reflection

The project involved us creating a society, and learning about everything that would happen in this society. For example, we learned about what it would be like to trade across the world, which was a great deal of importance in the unit, hence the name “Trade Up.”

The conference showed us how frustrating it can be to be excluded from trade. For example, North Korea now has no trade partners since China left them, which is similar to what happened with United. The only partner they had was Gondor, and they were forced to leave them after the negative reception. United was left alone with no people to trade with. The way we play a part is buying these goods that are traded. If China exports something to Canada and nobody ever buys it, what is the point in giving China something for selling nothing? If they were to trade with the United States for something the people actually buy, that would be a much more beneficial trade agreement than one with China.