The WorrI Stone

Ignite Questions:

1.What did you create?​

During Ignite Week, me and my partner Mateo created worry stones for the grade 4 class of Ms. Williams.

2.What were your successes?​

One of my successes was making the different prototypes of what our worry stone would look like. our prototypes were so good, that we only need to make a few small changes for it to become our final design.

3.What were your challenges?​

Some of the challenges that I encountered during this project was finding a good type of material that was sturdy and smooth at the same time. eventually we decided to use the 3D printer to make our worry stone.

4.How did you grow in your chosen L21 focus area in this project? What evidence can you share of that?​

I grew in my chosen L21 focus area(i.e Problem solving)  during this project because when I was encountered with different problems, I overcame them. an example would be; when we were prototyping, we had problems figuring out what material to use, and I suggested 3D printing.

5.What are some ways that the skill you learned during Ignite week would be of value to you in the future?​

This skill will be useful in the future because whenever I encounter a problem that’s difficult, then I  will be able to overcome  that obstacle.