Research Institute in China for Exoplanets

What did you create?

We created a prototype for a rover that was going to be sent to Kepler 186-f. Our mission was to discover and locate a planet or planets that can sustain human life. The rover was designed to endure through the planet’s cold and damp environment.

What were your successes?

We were successful in collecting the money we needed. In fact, many have invested in us, and making us raised 2.5 billion dollars. 

What were your challenges?

At first, we struggled to collaborate. But, throughout the project, we improved and worked efficiently. Although half of our team was absent on the exhibition, we were still successful in raising enough funding for our company.

How did you grow in my chosen L21 focus area in this project? What evidence can you share of that?

In our chosen L21 goal, communication and collaboration, we have grown by demonstrating multiple areas of the rubric, like being prepared every time we work, being respectful to each other and efficiently collaborate ideas.

What are some ways that the skill I learned during the Space Race project would be of value to me in the future?

In project space race, I learned and developed many skills. Ranging from a developing an understanding in Arduino, to learning how to utilize resources, to learning marketing and how to appeal to investors.


Mile Exploration

We created a rover that could research and examine the exoplanet of our choice. This rover has difference accessories that with examine the planet’s environment and see if it is habitable for our human race. We created a rover that could move if the rover body was not too big. Also, finding the exoplanet that is close to Earth was a success that was found at the last minute. Some challenges that we encounter are communicating with my team because we love to talk about things outside of the Space Race Project. I chose communication and collaboration because I know that being in a team could lead to fights and of topic talking, so that is why I wanted to improve in this L21 area.

NTAW (Bao Zi) 2017

We as NTAW created a rover model that we think is capable of going to a new planet and collect data. During this process, we had some success and challenges. Some of our success was being able to successfully laser cut our rover without making adjustments to our rover. One other success was being able to find a planet that we think is suitable for us. Since we also encountered challenges here are some of the challenges we faced. First was I missed a few days of school and that made my group need to contact me. It was a challenge. Lastly, our group had a very challenging time with coding. While it worked sometimes other times it would not work. For our L21 we focused on our creativity and collaboration. During this whole project, I learned how to laser cut and learn more about how the universe works.