Up-cycled Furniture – Bean Bag Chair

During Ignite week, I created a wooden chillax corner that can help me become comfortable along with a beanbag chair so that its not very hard, and that it can add some softness. My beanbag chair was a success, even though it kind of ended being a giant pillow, but my wooden part of the project was not. I used some wood from home to make the back/leaning part of the “corner”, but I ran out of wood and it kind of ended up really small (but I can still fit myself in there). One of my challenges that i had to encounter, was time. I used up a lot of time just goofing around with my friends and not focusing, and time was almost up for the project, I had no time to get more wood, or any other materials. I learned more about how to take things apart and then making them into a whole new thing is just a week, and that how hard it is to focus and finish all of it on time. I can use the skills that I have learned during Ignite Week in the future when my boss or someone else suddenly throw a project or job to do, I can be comfortable, and know that I should focus and not be off task.