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Forever Gone

By Stephanie Du Looking into those emerald green eyes, Slowly closing, Her last moments of life. Salty rivers flow down my face, Like a waterfall rushing down. I reach out to stroke the once silky calico fur, Only now bedraggled and soaked in scarlet blood. I feel as if I’m torn into pieces, Only to […]

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Adios, My Love. Adios.

By Sherry Tong The day has come, the day I’ll never understand why it exists. I take a look behind me; I don’t see what I want to see And who I want to see. I try to remember the place, where we used to cry, Smile, Laugh. I try to memorize how this place […]



BY JESSICA WANG It’s The Day we’ve been dreading. Summer’s ended, and school begins in a week. Only yesterday, Mom took me to buy all the necessary items for the new school year–a bookbag, writing utensils, lined paper. You offered to come with me, but I refused. It’s too depressing to think that you won’t […]

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The Dark Night

  By Stephanie Marie Pace Walking down the steep hill, I looked away from the empty, dark, dark side. I have always hated the darkness. There was no light other than my weak flashlight and Anna’s strong one. “The movie sucked!” We said, trying to distract ourselves. “Yeah I know! It sucked!” Stephanie G. agreed. […]

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By Gauri Kaushik Beautiful cherry blossom trees, I hear the buzz of bumblebees. The wind so wavy, Gentle as a baby. The open blue sky, The birds go by. The tiny green pointy grass, I hear a wind chime made from glass. I feel so good, Nature is beautiful is what today I understood.

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By Chelsea Liu Darkness falls The starry cloak Veils the world In mist The day is a dream And I slumber with My eyes Wide Open      Drifting Sinking into shadows Breathing I live in the night And the night lives inside My mind I haunt the alleys Whispers in A silent street Tiptoe down my […]

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