By Chelsea Liu

Artwork by Trinette W. (Grade 8)

Darkness falls
The starry cloak
Veils the world
In mist
The day is a dream
And I slumber with
My eyes
Sinking into shadows
I live in the night
And the night lives inside
My mind
I haunt the alleys
Whispers in
A silent street
Tiptoe down my spine
A soft confession
Scared of the light
And afraid
To let go
Of the darkness within


  1. Ji Won Said,

    November 15, 2012@ 11:32 am      

    Even though the words were short I think they were very convincing, it was short and clear at the same time. This poem gives a mental image of what you are talking about, nice job. It was also a nice picture you chose to go with it.

  2. Jessica Said,

    October 18, 2012@ 5:48 pm      

    ‘a silent street
    tiptoe down my spine
    a soft confession
    scared of the light’
    My favorite line 🙂 The artwork matches quite well, also.

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