Painted by Vivian Z.


  1. Semee Said,

    November 15, 2012@ 11:32 am      

    Good painting, the shading is awesome.

  2. Justin Said,

    November 15, 2012@ 9:55 am      

    I like it how you blend in the value. At first I thought you got this picture from google or baidu. But I thing you can make this painting better by adding some shadows.

  3. Annie Said,

    November 15, 2012@ 9:35 am      

    Your painting is really awesome, I like how you show the dark and light
    But does this painting have a meaning? Or does this picture want to show something?

  4. Katrina Said,

    November 13, 2012@ 5:53 pm      

    luv the name of the painting, ‘Damp’. 🙂 can picture a lot from here! XP

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