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My Ultimate Phobias

By Karina Z. Everyone has fears, some stranger than others, such as fear of belly buttons, or of strings. Phobias are passed down or developed, My first one grew because of an apidae’s sting.   I flinch and wince whenever hearing their buzz, Glancing on their stripes makes me quiver yet freeze. Slowly scrunching shoulders, […]


Sunrise, Sunset

By Rebecca C. Sunrise The start of a new day The water is peaceful and tranquil The smooth layer of sand untouched     The sun rises Until it is high above my head The water level increases Tides pouring over the beach Each grain of sand still sparkling From the light coming from the […]


The Place Where It All Ended

By Joyce T. There it was As peaceful and mysterious As it was before The place where it all ended The wooden house It was where we all lived I reminisce about those days Yet they won’t ever come back The fire blazed A few wooden boards Those are the only remnants of the house […]



By Sherry T. The gray sky blending with the walls, I can’t seem to see what is falling. Then I look down at the ground, I see winter.   A huge open field covered with snow, I open the doors, A freezing breeze hit me, But I continue to walk. And I realized, This is […]


Willow Tree

BY KATRINA C. (dedicated to protectors of the environment) A tree, lasts forever, It sings to you with the flick of his leaves, It looks at you under his face, It’s always there when you need him, He is a loyal companion.   But then, in a flash, Men with spears and swords, Swing their […]


Psyche & Larvo’s Great Adventures! (pick your path, and their fate)

BY EAGLE J. Larvo and Psyche are BF and GF. One day they decided that they were going mountain climbing on Mt Everest. Larvo is a werewolf so he act like a dog. On the top of the mountain a little boy throw a stick down the mountain Larvo followed the stick and he fell […]


The Tangled Threads

By Chris G.



BY CHELSEA L. Someday I’ll find my way On lonely paths Past river song And find Where I belong   Someday I’ll run away Before the dawn In silver rain And slip Free of these chains   Someday I’ll stand at bay By whispering wind To face my fears And dry These lingering tears   […]


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