By Sherry T.

Photography by Dominick Paoli

The gray sky blending with the walls,
I can’t seem to see what is falling.
Then I look down at the ground,
I see winter.
A huge open field covered with snow,
I open the doors,
A freezing breeze hit me,
But I continue to walk.
And I realized,
This is winter.
I stand for a few moments, I see you walking towards me.
The perfect white snow falls on your beautiful hair,
Like feathers falling on a flowing river.
I stand and stare, as if it was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen,
And it was.
I see you laughing in the breeze,
And now I notice,
This is winter.
Now that you’re gone,
I still stand and stare across the field.
I can recognize your footprints,
The way you walk,
The way you run.
I can picture you,
Laughing in the snow,
You were with your friends and I was
Standing alone.
What you did to me, which you will never know,
I am deeply in love with you…
No matter where you go.
And I know,
This is winter, this is snow.

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