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BY SHERRY T. The sky all blurry and gray, No one got any words to say. It’s floating up in the sky, Bursting out all the bad times of your life.   The pieces of your heart you picked it up, They were used to be smashed apart. Slowly carefully, you did, Glued them up. […]



BY CATHY H. Goodbye, too late Red, cold Cut open Deep and gooey Broken Roger  Cracked, cut Fur Hot Felt faint I touched him Arm shaking, palm sweating Different Warm skin, beating heart Purr Still, no life Freezing cold I loved him Was sorry Hurt, anger, rage Hot Punched tyre marks Pain Roger Roger Dead […]


Hurry, Hurry

BY KARINA Z. Hurry, hurry, it whispers within the wind. Why wait until the end, to do activities for enjoyment? You think time is plentiful, freedom is attainable, life’s always a breeze.   But youth is running out.     Hurry, hurry, it sighs through the soil. Why wait until later, to make strong relationships? […]



BY SHERRY T. Flying over the world of yours, I am now gone, but I never wanted to. And I see the stars from above, I wonder why? They clash onto the Earth as if it doesn’t hurt, They clash onto the Earth as if they won’t break or burn.   And I see the […]



BY CONNIE Z. Translucent cataract, Silver trail. Drip down, Staining, Tears.



BY EAGLE J. Here is a Riddle that you will never figure out! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Mouse is 1 year younger than grasshopper Minimole is younger than Guinea pig Guinea pig is older than grasshopper Cockroach is the same age as Ladybug Hamster and Mouse is the same age Hamster and Cockroach is 1 year apart Beetle […]



BY CONNIE Z. Anger. Burning fire. Sears through identity, Burning it away. Losing self-control. Flickering flames. Smoldering embers.



BY Katharyn L. She was beautiful. The color of her eyes glowed like the deep green in a rainforest; a color that I, as well as most nature lovers adored. Her hair was bright and had a beautiful auburn shimmer that fell onto her head and crisp sandy waves like the ocean. Her smile was […]


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