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Death & Co.

BY WINNIE S. Death & Co. A small insight of Death and his instruments. A reference of anything mixed in with Death.  All labeled and accounted for. Still in working condition and sadly still used every single day. (Dissected and torn apart bit by bit for the perception of you and I.) Instrument #1 :  […]

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Squidward Fan Art




BY ANONYMOUS I see myself in the reflection of your eyes as you lie in the pool of blood in wonderland   I stand there waiting for nothing waiting in silence Is this a dream?


Tell Me Another Story

BY CECE Q.   Tell me another Story One about a trail of bread crumbs Tell me another Story One about a beautiful princess with golden hair that would strech for miles Tell me another Story One about a kind, loving girl who lost one glass shoe Tell me another Story One about a princess […]


Halloween from the Perspective of a Piece of Candy

  (from this prompt) BY CHLOE H. I wish I could know what it was like in the world outside the wrapper.


It Hurts

BY AXIELLE D. The words aim to fly towards me like missiles and bombs. Try that I will, I won’t let them hurt me. Burning me down. Tormenting me, till I fall to my buckled knees. Shouting, Ranting, Protesting against my existence. The words! The haunt my days and nights, they give me some of […]



BY RYAN S. A figure, lean and starved, plodded through the endless, barren wasteland. Stray flakes of snow swirling around him, the man seemed like a phantom, his outline quavering, as if hesitant. He trudged on, his thin, patched boots leaving grey prints in the slush, shivering in his thin rags. The icy chill pierced […]

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BY SOPHIA        


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