The Three Little Pigs


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Once upon a time, there were three little pigs. Every little pig built his own house!

“My house is made of straw!” The first pig exclaimed, proudly showing off his house. The first pig wasn’t very smart, he always thought he was the best though.

“My house is made of sticks!” The second pig leaped with excitement, thinking it was a great idea. This piggy is smarter, but is too caught up in him-self to think!

“My house is made of bricks!” The third and last pig says, leaning against the walls of his house. The third piggy was smart! But when it came to strength he was as strong as a toothpick.

One dreadful day, the day they finished the houses, the three little pigs went out for a picnic. They didn’t know that at that moment someone was visiting them, and that someone was an evil witch! And when I mean evil, I mean evil by turning little babies into frogs and cooking them in soup! Turning mice into rats! Turning gardens into graveyards!

“Oh stupid pigs!!” The witch chants, waving her broom in the air. “I will curse those piggy’s for stealing my precious cookies! They will pay for what they have done!” The witch waves her wand, making the houses bend and twist. When the witch had finished the houses looked normal. “Now the piggy’s will have a ball!” The witch exclaims, laughing her evil laugh. “At midnight, the houses will come alive! Starving for some piggy food!”

Soon the three little pigs had finished their picnic, and decided it was time to go home. “Man am I stuffed!” The first piggy said, rubbing his big belly. “We must hurry though, or the wolves will come out!”

They were halfway to their houses when a big bad wolf appeared. “My, are these the pigs that own those houses?” The wolf asks himself, following the little piggy’s home. The wolf isn’t big and bad like you would think; this wolf has always been nice to little piggies. But for some reason every time he walked around people would scatter clear of him, and that made him sad. “That must mean they will sleep there! I must warn them about the curse!” But the wolf was clumsy; making loud noises was what he was good at. “Is that a wolf I hear?” The third pig gasps, looking at the houses that were so very close. “We must hurry!” The second pig yelps, scurrying into his straw house.

“Come out or I’ll huff, and I’ll puff, and I’ll blow your house down!” The wolf warned, not wanting the piggy’s to go into the haunted houses. “Never!” The piggy yelled, hiding in the corner of the house. “You have left me no choice…” The wolf sighed, taking a deep breath in. “BLLLLOOOWWWWW!” He blows, sending the straw far away. He didn’t think that would work, the curse must have bided the straw together?

“Ahh!” The little pig yells, running into the second piggy’s house. The wolf sighs, feeling a bit lightheaded. “Come out or I’ll huff! And I’ll puff! And I’ll blow your house down!” The wolf yells, hoping to get them out this time. “Never!” The little piggy’s screeched, hiding at the back of the room. “BLLLLOOOWWWWW!” The wolf yells, sending all of the sticks flying back into the woods. It worked again, and the wolf realized if the house could be blown down, then the curse would disappear too!

“Oh no!” The piggies yell running into the third piggy’s house, the house of bricks. The wolf couldn’t blow down another house, especially not bricks, but he had to warn the piggies of the haunted house. “Come out or I’ll huff…and I’ll puff…. And I’ll blow your house down!” The wolf sighs, already running out of breath. “Never!” They scream, hiding at the back of the room. “Man, you guys won’t give up will you?” The wolf grumbled, but he had to try and warn them.

“RRRRRAAAAAWWWWW” The wolf blows and blows, but couldn’t knock the bricks down. “Woo-hoo! We beat the big bad wolf!” They dance and play, not noticing the wolf sulking back into the woods, he had failed, and at midnight he knew what would happen to them. “Poor piggies, they will never see daylight again…”

When it came to night, the little piggies were fast asleep, dreaming their sweat dreams. In the distance, you could hear a wolf howl, the howl that makes your ears ring.

“What was that?” The first piggy wakes up, looking around frightened. But everyone was asleep. The piggy was thirsty, and the only solution was to go to the lake and get some water. The piggy wrote a note, saying that he will be back soon.

The wolf didn’t howl again, and the night was quiet. All was silent, all was calm, accept for the brick house that was hungry to the bone. “I think it is time for a feast!” The house thought, smelling the piggies that were resting inside of it. “Thanks to the witch I can eat now!” The house said happily, imagining forks and knifes cutting into the poor piggies.

“Man am I tired, I didn’t think the lake was so far away! I better get back and give them some of the water I found!” The piggy ran, but clumsy as he was the piggy ran into many trees before reaching home.

When the piggy arrived he saw something he thought he wouldn’t see, an unexpected surprise! Outside what once was the house of three piggies, were two piles of pig bones. “Oh no! They must have went looking for me and ran into the big bad wolf!” The piggy gasped, running into the house quickly. “I better hide!”

The next morning, a piggy neighbor came by, walking towards the house of bricks. “My my! What are those?” The pig gasps looking at the front of the house. What were there weren’t 2 piles of bones, but 3.


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