The Demon Inside

suicide santa


“Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen!” The loud voice boomed throughout the dome. High-pitched cheers could be heard through out. As if on cue a magic dust that blinds the plain eye snowed over the sleigh and the jolly red-coated senior. His warm laughter filled his reindeer with pride and courage.

“Onward now! We have children’s gift to give!” That’s been the last thing the little elves heard before a flash of golden light lead out of the dome. The line of gold scattered itself and rained down, it changed the pure white snow to gold. It was a marry sight to see, yet also a sad one; somehow in all this joy, despair lives and they can feel it growing year by year.

As Santa was flying away from the dome filled with his family, his warm smile flattened to a cold distant frown. The urge to look over his shoulder and head back was over powering him until he smelled the aroma of fresh mint chocolate chipped cookies with a nice cup of steaming milk.


The urge to head back was now gone and he was at full speed forward. Upon his arrival he went in the old fashioned way, through the chimney of course! Once he got in he let his noise do the rest of the work. Not even a second later he was in front of a full plate of cookies and a cup of milk that seemed if it tipped over it would flood the entire house!


After staring at the food for what seemed like forever he gently picked one up and wolfed it down in seconds left. Now it was time to see to check the list, and then check it again just to be sure. The kid that lived here was called, Elliot. Her parents were expecting a boy and wanted that name no matter what sadly. Anyway, she was on the good list and she wished for a jolly Christmas for me of all people. Yet, I could not grant this for I am jolly all year around; I think. I am not quite sure of that but I gave her a little dog plushy, hopping that will make her day.

The rest of the night went fine and he was able to empty the heavy sack he lugged around. When it was five minutes away from sunrise he decided to rest. Santa ended up on the top of sixty-four building rooftop. The roof was flat which made landing easy and because it was so high no one will be able to see him.


“You guys did well today.” He told the pack of reindeer before him with a warm smile. Yet even some random stranger on the street can tell that that smile was a mere mask. Inside he was on the border of insanity and being crushed by despair. He was drowning in agony and death seemed more and more like a friend to him. Pain was no longer something new; blood was becoming his favorite color. He wanted to see it everywhere.


The want to destroy was growing and the monster inside was winning. He knew that, it was crystal clear to him and he knew exactly what to do about it too. He looked at to the rising sun and grinned as a man who fell in love for the first time and not as a child who sees candy.


He walked slowly but surely to the edge of the rooftop and looked down. All the people down their smiling and spreading Christmas cheer.

“Its time to turn in the hat, huh?” Santa said to his deer, and they just continued to stare at him with such sadness in their eyes that can’t even be described. He smiled sadly towards them as the wind blew and his hat gently swayed to the side, along with his beard.


He turned around again muttered to himself something he heard a long time ago from the one that he held most dear at the time,

“Never stand still, always keep walking,” a single tear escaped from his baby blue eyes. He steeped onto the edge his toes nipped at by the cold air. Santa looked up for what seemed like he last time and told the ones behind,
“Tell my wife that I said thank you, and I’m sorry,” he jumped. Falling faster and faster as the ground grew closer and closer. Gasps heard from every angle as people watched in horror. A single girl stepped out in front of the crowd surrounding what was soon to be his finally stop. And yelled at the top of her lungs thinking that some how it would stop the inevitable down fall.
“PLEASE STOP FALLING! DON’T CRUSH MY WISH!” His eyes widened but nothing could be done. Even after his path to death was shaken he still wanted to rid his demon. So he looked down at her and mouthed,
“I’m sorry,” before he hit the ground; his body limp and broken, lying in his own blood. The sound of his bones cracking echoing through the hollow shell left behind known as the world.


The smell of death and blood chocked Elliot, the sight of so much blood blinded her, and everything was suffocating her. Tears flowing down her rosy checks non-stop. Her hands covering her face as if trying to block out the world and the screams echoing behind her. Falling to her knees she heard,

“Its hard seeing your heroes falls, huh? Too bad it’s all real!” After that, Elliot fainted seeing a world darker than black, brighter than white.


That was the end of her child hood,
“Happy 13th Birthday Elliot!” The teen stared at the candles that rested on a lemon cake with glazed eyes. The death of Saint Nick was hard for her to bear. She leaned in and blew out the small flames that flickered with out care. Her wish was the same hoping it would some how raise the dead, even though deep down she knew it was hopeless.

“I’ll try to grant your wish this year, so please, don’t give up yet.” Her eyes widened,



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