Bunny and Kitten


Bunny was energetic and love to explore new things. So it didn’t surprise anyone when Bunny wanted to join the party with the other farm animals and pets from Lilac farm.

“I want to try it out.” Bunny protested, “Do I have to be a pet or farm animal to go to the party?”

“Well,” Cow flicked his tail, “Bulldog always hosts these parties. He’s quite strict on who’s coming and who isn’t. Sorry Bunny, rules are rules.” Bunny looked crestfallen.

“I just want to try it out,” Bunny muttered hopping away.

Kitten, her friend, who hated to see Bunny this sad quickly blocked her path, “Bunny, you don’t have to break rules to go to the party. You can simply be a pet for just one day.”

“Sure,” Bunny looked at Kitten sideways, “I don’t know how to be a pet though.”

“Oh, I will just teach you.” Kitten mewed, Bunny hopped with her.

I will learn everything about a pet. Bunny vowed silently to herself, this is going to be the best experience ever!


It was almost the party. Bunny was lazily chewing on a piece of carrot that the humans gave to her. She wasn’t the energetic bunny everyone knew. She was lazy, and sort of stubborn.

“I am totally ready.” Bunny boasted, ears up proudly, “Bulldog will approve me, I know it by heart!”

“I think so too.” Kitten mewed, twirling her tail with her paw, “You are going to rock!”

Bunny nodded, getting a piece of lettuce, “I’m starting to get the hang of being a pet. Maybe I should be one permanently.”

“Permanently?” Kitten looked shocked, “Bunny, you use to be energetic and loved exploring things. How could you ever possibly want to be a pet?”

Puppy also butted in, “Bulldog told me that pets must be able to tell exactly where their cage is. And who are the humans to attend.”

“What am I suppose to do then?”

“You will just have to choose which one to be.” Kitten mewed sternly.

Bunny thought for a moment, “I should probably ask my mom. She would know what I should do.”


Bunny’s mom looked probably more surprised than Kitten when Bunny told her about her dilemma, “My dear, why on bunny history would you want to be a pet?”

“I don’t know,” answered Bunny. “At first, I just wanted to feel what it was like. Now I know what it feels like. I like how you don’t have to do anything at all.”

“But you don’t have freedom anymore.” Bunny’s mom told Bunny, “You now serve the humans. You are a slave to them. Do you want that kind of life?”

“I suppose not,” Bunny muttered, twittering her foot. “But why do my friends serve the humans?”

“Because their ancestors were trained to serve the humans. They will be punished if they don’t,” Bunny’s mom said softly. “They don’t know how to take care of themselves when they are in the wild.”


“Well?” Kitten asked as Bunny as she hopped towards her in a slow and careful pace, “Do you want to be a pet or be a wild carefree one.”

“Bunny looked straight into Kitten’s eyes, “What do you think makes a pet really good?”

“Well,” kitten scratched her head, “You don’t need to do much. You don’t have to worry about anything. They keep you safe from dogs. And you have plenty of freedom.”

“Freedom?” Bunny gasped, “What do you call freedom?”

Kitten shrugged, “Bunnies don’t get much freedom as cats do. But we get to roam around in the farm or house and they won’t mind, sometimes we wander around the fields and maybe eat a little bit of crops…”

“That isn’t freedom,” Bunny contradicted. “You are still a slave of the humans. Those places that you mentioned are still where humans go. So it’s just the same thing as wandering around your master’s territory!”

Kitten was silent for a moment, they she mewed, “I think you should be a wild bunny.”


“You are born in the wild.” Kitten told Bunny, “Your fur is brown with specks of black and yellow, perfect to hide from predators. Your leaps and hops are energetic. But a pet bunny can’t even dream of hopping that far. You belong in the wild. You don’t have to go to Bulldog’s party. You are a wild bunny.”

Bunny went to her mom’s den to tell her the decision.

“I’m going to be a wild bunny,” Bunny told her. “I was born being one.”

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