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 BY GRACE L. August 22, 2156. Atlantis. “Citizens of Atlantis! Today we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of our city. Tonight there will be special festival to celebrate at Singing Sparrow Plaza! Everyone is invited!” The announcement vibrated throughout the crowd, invoking excitement. Holograms of Psych appeared from the tattoos on hands, friends arranging to […]


The Bones of the Ancients

BY YAO I was waiting for the train to come, and as I sat there on a dark brown bench ha ha ha you think you can find anything in Xian. You’ll never do anything great. There’s way more chance someone else will find something.  “TO XIAN!!” yelled the speaker. I was on my way […]

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Death’s Child

BY ANON. I am Death’s child. Most people see me as an unusually pale girl with long silvery blonde hair and eyes of an icy irradiated blue topaz. You probably think of Death as a heartless, cold horrifying figure that takes life away and laughs at those in pain. Well, Death isn’t.

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Chemical X

BY DAVY Z. In the dark laboratory the fume hood beeped, “Warning shield cover too high, shield cover too high please lower.”


The Sea is Calling




BY ANDIE N.   War. It’s when bullets fell like heavy rain, It’s when dead bodies covered the plain, It’s when everyone’s heart were filled with pain, It’s when peace was caged and locked in chains. War. It’s when buildings burned in dark-red flames, It’s when poisons were poured down the filthy drains, It’s when […]


Animal Story

BY WIONNA Z. The sheep was an awful loner, so it surprised everybody when she announced she had a date for Valentines. It was the turkey’s idea to make a dance party where all animals dance with their dates and have fun. But the only thing is that each couple was to give each other […]


Sherlock Art :)



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