There is a Girl


There is a girl

And she is beautiful

The way she lives

Is beautiful

Her hair is rays of the sun

Her eyes, ripe blueberries

Her lips, the scarlet of a crayon

Her skin, a freckled field of wheat

Her smile is hot chocolate on a winter’s day

Her laugh, Christmas bells

Her mind, a garden of blooming flowers

Her presence, a blessing

She dresses in colors that match her eyes

She wears too many friendship bracelets

For she is everyone’s friend

And everyone is hers

One day I saw her cry

Like I’ve seen no one cry before

I could feel her hurt

And that night I cried as well

She’s begun to cry more often

And her heartwarming smile is gone

Her chiming laugh is gone

And I can feel her hurt

She stains her sunny hair

She shadows her blueberry eyes

She gives up colors that match her eyes

For colors that match her mind

She gives friendship bracelets for scars

For she is no one’s friend

And no one is hers

To her I am non existent

She’s growing used to white walls

And black shadows

To all these pills

And hospital rooms

I can no longer feel her hurt

I no longer understand it

I’ve seen her less and less

Then not ever again

There was a girl

And she was beautiful

The way she died

Was not beautiful

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