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One Side Only

By Sally K and Soye


Ode to iTunes

By Sally K and Soye Ode to Itunes, Thank you for the music. Am I wrong?   Ode to Itunes Stay you love me Don’t Let it go   Ode to Itunes It’s my birthday I got you Right here Sing   Ode to Itunes Shake it off Rather be Happy Animals   Ode to […]


Ode to Books

By Annika D Ode to Books, How rich you are, Filled with knowledge and information,


Ode to Games

By Philip M Ode to Games They make me happy On the cloudiest of days   Ode to Games They give me a reason To keep on playing   Ode to Games They give me an excuse When I have to do chores   Ode to Games They teach me very, very Pointless skills   […]


Ode to My Bed

By Elizabeth Z Ode to My Bed Your blankets So warm Hugs me tight Keeps me safe



By Elizabeth Z Clueless Depressing, Regret Pain. Broken Shadowed, Disbelief… Only a reminder of Darkness


Ode To Pollution

By Nathan Z Oh, pollution Thank you for keeping us inside, Preventing the wicked Physical Activity to arise For brightening the world with your lovely grey skies And freshening the air with the high AQI.


Ode To Music

By Madeleine Y Ode to music, It is noisy, It is quiet.


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