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Alex’s Truth/Lies

By Alex S One real event and two fake ones. Last year in seventh grade, Matthew shot me with a pellet gun and he hit me in the eye. I once entered a video game tournament at my summer camp in Seattle and won $500 dollars. It was going on for two hours and everyone […]


Ant, A Post-It Story

By David L


The Football Frenzy

By. Billy R I don’t mean to brag but I happen to be Densel Robinsons final award-winning and lucky helmet.My color is blue and my friend Densel Robinson happens to be the best football player in the worlds universe right now.Football is my favourite sport also.He loves me more than anything and since I’ve been […]


Alphabet Conversation

By Soye J and Sally K Soye: Apples are good! You should eat them often. Sally: Babies eat apples. Too babyish for me! Ugh Soye: Calm down! Apples are for everyone. You should know that! (know it all) Sally: Don’t make me a dumbo you jerk! I take that back ^^ Soye: Eat veggies!! (The […]


Anthony’s Tale

By Alyssa A Anthony hate bees. But bees likes him. Coffees lighten him up every morning. Drugs disgust him. Elephants are too big for his car. Face painting is his specialty. Guns scares him. Hexagon is his middle name. iPod is his only friend.  Jumps to sleep, every night. Kite flying makes him think of […]


Micro Adventure: Adventures of An Inch-Tall Me

By Jared M I walked up to my table. As I put my hand on it, I closed my eyes. When I opened them, things were different. The table was a grey expanse: flat and foreboding. I was standing on it. The Lego minifigure beside me was suddenly taller than me. My Legos looked like […]


Madeleine’s Truth/Lie

Madeleine went down of the aquarium, the water was freezing but she soon adapted to the temperature. There were sharks swimming around her, she was really afraid, but the sharks did not bother her while she was coming down from the shore. She did not have the oxygen tank on her, she was just snorkeling. […]


Phillip’s Truth/Lie

By Phillip M Incident 1: Philip and his family were visiting Phuket one summer. They were out on the beach in front of the hotel they were staying. Outside, Philip’s family saw a baby elephant that they could feed fruits to. They went down there and feed the baby elephant some fruits. After the elephant […]


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