Alex’s Truth/Lies

By Alex S

One real event and two fake ones.

Last year in seventh grade, Matthew shot me with a pellet gun and he hit me in the eye.

I once entered a video game tournament at my summer camp in Seattle and won $500 dollars. It was going on for two hours and everyone else got DQed besides Matthew and I. I then finally beat him in super smash bros with a finishing blast from my Kirby character knocking his Link character knocked off the map.

During summer time at New York, my cousin pushed me off my bed and I landed on a sharp piece of metal. It pierced my knee. I was in my room when he woke me up with a Blow horn next to my ear. “Wake up!”, then he pushed me off and I feel on the piece of metal. It cut my leg and it started bleeding a lot. I had to go to hospital and get the damaged muscle removed.

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