Alphabet Conversation

By Soye J and Sally K

Soye: Apples are good! You should eat them often.

Sally: Babies eat apples. Too babyish for me! Ugh

Soye: Calm down! Apples are for everyone. You should know that! (know it all)

Sally: Don’t make me a dumbo you jerk! I take that back ^^

Soye: Eat veggies!! (The only thing I have in my mind ^^)

Sally: Find something else to eat. I HATE VEGGIES. (fake puking)

Soye: Gottcha! 😛

Sally: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha very funny. L

Soye: I know right?? Ha ha.

Sally: Jabbering is not a good thing to do in front of me. (angry)

Soye: Karate chopping my words aren’t a good thing to do in front of me either!

Sally: Like I care. Ugh.

Soye: Meh! You care! 😛

Sally: Nah.

Soye: OMG! I forgot my computer!!

Sally: Personal business! (Rolls eye)

Soye: Quit playing around and help me please! I need to find my computer!

Sally: Right! Can’t you even find your own things?

Soye: Sally.. Really??

Sally: Talk nicely! I’m about to help you jeez.

Soye: U don’t HAVE to freak out! I will speak nicely!

Sally: Vacuum clean your thoughts! We don’t have to be mad at each other!

Soye: Whatever! I know.

Sally: X-mas is OSM.

Soye: Y? Did you get a lot of presents??

Sally: Zap!(Makes Soye dissapear) Bye. I like X-mas because I like to zap people!! HA!

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