Phillip’s Truth/Lie

By Phillip M

Incident 1: Philip and his family were visiting Phuket one summer. They were out on the beach in front of the hotel they were staying. Outside, Philip’s family saw a baby elephant that they could feed fruits to. They went down there and feed the baby elephant some fruits. After the elephant ate the fruits, the men who were watching over the elephant took the elephant to the beach so he could wash up. Philip was playing on the beach with the sand. The elephant was almost going to step on Philip when a lifeguard saved Philip and asked him if he was ok. He said yes.



Incident 2: Philip was walking a busy street and waited for a green light. When the green light came on, Philip was walking across the street when a car ignored his red light and drove across Philip’s foot! Philip’s parents had to pay $100 for his Band-Aid and crutches.



Incident 3: When Philip ordered his Xbox 360 on Amazon, it said it would be there in one week. One week later, Philip got a teddy bear in the mail. That meant that the person who was packing the Xbox 360 mixed up his order so Philip got a teddy bear the price of an Xbox 360 and the other guys got an Xbox 360 for the price of a teddy bear! Philip ordered again and it was free but he didn’t get a refund from the previous one. Then next week, Philip got an Xbox 360.

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